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Tyranny is a thing of past when democracy was not there. This is a sample sentence containing tyranny.

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Q: How do you use tyranny as a sentence?
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Can you use tyranny in a sentence?

Beauty is a short-lived tyranny.Socrates

A sentence with the word tyranny?

Gadhafi was an example of tyranny.

A sentence for tyranny?

"End tyranny NOW!", cried the crowd.

Can you give me sentence with the word tyranny in it?

The tyranny of the Crown will not be tolerated!

How would someone use tyranny in a sentence?

The dictator ruled with an iron fist, imposing tyranny on the population.

What is a sentence using the word tyranny?


How do you put tyranny in a sentence?

Well, it has to do with an unjust ruler or particular government

Use tyranny in a sentence?

Tyranny- The king made tyranny laws that affected both good and bad people of the village because he was just wicked. Tyranny is a noun so it is not correct to say tyranny laws. In this example laws is a noun and tyranny is an adjective but the word tyranny can't function as an adjective. A better sentence: The refugees were trying to escape the tyranny and oppression of their homeland.

Where does tyranny belong?

Tyranny is a bad thing, hence, it doesn't really belong anywhere. Or to use a metaphor that was once popular with Marxists, tyranny belongs on the trash heap of history.

Can you give me a sentence with the word tyrany in it?

The tyranny is that that chick fil a chicken is real but mcdonalds is fake

How could you use submit in a sentence?

It means to yield or surrender, or to offer something as a consideration.You should submit that story to a magazine."Submit to my power!" said Darth Vader.I will never submit to tyranny.

Is the tyranny a abstract nouns?

Yes, the word 'tyranny' is an abstract noun, a word for an oppressive government or harsh behaviour or use of authority.