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How do you use unsettling in a sentence?

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"Unsettling" is an adjective that means disturbing or upsetting:

The car accident was an unsettling experience.

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What is a sentence for unsettling?

She cried when she got the unsettling news. It was unsettling to learn that the history of the town was not what they were taught.

How do you use the word unsettling?

The sudden roar of the train was unsettling.

Use the word strangers' in a sentence?

The strangers' eyes betrayed no dishonesty, but were an unsettling yellowish hue.

Sentence with disconcerting?

Disconcerting means troubling or unsettling. A sample sentence is: "The teacher found it disconcerting that one of her students was always absent from class".

Another word for unsettling?

perturbing, troubling, worrisome, distressing, upsetting, alarming, unsettling.

What is the synonym of disturbing?


What is the definition of disturbing?

Unsettling, worrying.

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Another word for awkward?

There are many words you can use to replace the word awkward such as odd. You could also say that someone or something is unsettling.

How do you use the word hapless in a sentence?

The hapless lovers in this first novel are kept constantly off-balancebefore being consigned to oblivion.The hapless creature presumably drowns in his own tears, a finale thatkids may find unsettling.The hapless bureaucrat was forced to eat his own words.

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What are synonyms for disruptive?

disturbing, upsetting, disorderly, unsettling, troublesome, unruly

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