How do you use windows live on my computer?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How do you use windows live on my computer?
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What can you use to talk to a computer?

use Skype or lacalphone or windows live hotmail

Do you have to pay for windows live movie maker if it is on your computer already?

No,it is free to use.

Do you need windows live sync on your computer?

Yes, Windows Live Sync on your computer could be necessary on the computer. Windows Live Sync is designed to helped the user sort and store files.

Is windows live messenger there when you sign up for a Hotmail?

Well, Windows Live Messenger is already installed on your computer. You just need a Hotmail account in order to use it

Can windows live messenger give your computer a virus?

You can get a worm through windows live messenger

Is it possible to get the normal Windows live for a mac?

If you are running Windows on a Mac then you can use the Windows Live software. If you do not have Windows on your Mac you can use a Windows live HotMAil account or use Messenger for chat. (See links below)

Are you able to use a cd-rom from a windows xp computer on a windows vista computer?


How do you put a Xbox live account from a computer to a Xbox 360?

You can just make another windows live account, or if you really want to keep your old one, then go to to set it up as one, or if you use a computer Windows Live game, then you should be allowed to use the Recover gamertag function on your xbox 360.~OneShot77KillsXBL GAMERTAG

Can you delete windows live from your computer without interfering with windows?

Yes you can, Windows live is not part of Windows itself. For example Windows xp home addition has nothing to do with Windows live messenger. You can safely remove it without worrying about it affecting windows.

What computer uses mac and which uses windows?

macbooks and apple computer use mac and dell, hp, samsung all use windows

How do you reverse a video clip using Windows Live Movie Maker on a Windows 7 computer?

Sorry. That can't be done on Windows Live Movie Maker.

Which computer does InTheLittleWood use?

Windows one