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How do you use withdraw in a sentence?

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The secret to saving money is to put more in the account than you withdraw from the account.

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The verb in the sentence is can't withdraw.Note: The word can't is a contraction of the verb 'can' and the adverb 'not'; the contraction can't is a helping verb for the main verb withdraw.

Did she come up with the plan of her own accord? In accord with the treaty, our troops will withdraw in thrity days.

Recede means to pull back or to withdraw

The general noticed that his soldiers were beginning to lose the battle, so he attempted to withdraw his men before he lost any more of them.

If I get to the bank on time, I can withdraw some money. If I had noticed, I wouldn't have run out of gas.

you can visit the bank branch and use a cheque or withdrawal slip to withdraw cash.

It is used to withdraw money from an ATM

Each time you deposit in or withdraw money from the bank you create an accounting transaction.

No, you cannot use a social security card to withdraw money. A social security card may be useful if you want to open a bank account, though, and you can withdraw money from that.

You use an ATM to withdraw cash from your bank account - then use the cash to go shopping !

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