How do you vaporize gold?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Make it liquid by melting it in the microwave, until it becomes just plain thick rich liquid, and then you boil it and sstuff, you know...

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Q: How do you vaporize gold?
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Can you over heat gold?

You can melt it and even vaporize it, but "overheat" - no.

Is it possible to melt down 1 troy oz of gold flakes into gold bullion or would the flakes simply vaporize?

It's certainly possible to melt gold without vaporizing it (in fact, it's kind of hard to vaporize gold; the boiling point is over 3000 K ... more than 5000 degrees Fahrenheit).

When a person is cremated why are there no chunks of gold in the ashes does the undertaker take the teeth out or does the gold vaporize?

Gold does not vaporize. Once a body is cremated, the remains are put into a machine called a Cremulator. This grinds the leftover bone into a fine ash. Items not destroyed through the cremation process (artificial hips, gold teeth) are then extracted. Some crematoria recycle precious metals and donate the proceeds to charity. Others keep the profits.

How much energy is needed to vaporize 2 kg of gold?

For apex it's 125.6 kJ on the 3.1.4 quiz 😊

How can you extract gold from an alloy using nitric acid?

Can't do. Nitric acid would vaporize if added to molten gold.

Do bases vaporize?

some bases like ammonia do vaporize but metal hydroxide ones do not

Will the water in a car battery vaporize if overcharged?

Yes the electrolyte will vaporize if the battery is overcharged.

How do you use the word vaporize in a sentence?

This eucalyptus balm will be easily inhaled if you can find a way to vaporize it.

What is a sentence using the word vaporize?

He left the water outside in the sun, so it will soon vaporize

Which chemical readily vaporize and react in the atmosphere to form ozone?

CFC's are the chemicals. They readily vaporize and deplete the ozone.

What is the prefix in the word vaporize?

vaporless, vaporlike, vaporish, vaporable, vaporizer, vaporizing.

Is gold a solid a liquid or gas at 25 celsius?

Obviously, a solid. If it was a liquid or gas at room temperature, wouldn't all your jewelry just melt away or vaporize into the atmosphere?