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you cant. you can only do that with Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver.

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pokemarts are in the pokemon center.You'll see it on the right when you walk in.

Unlike in HeartGold and SoulSilver, you can't walk with your pokemon in the new games. I see why you'd expect to be able to, though.

Sadly, no. But it is still an amazing game!

You get a certain Pokemon that cuts the steps you walk but it depends on the old versin of black or the new versin

complete the game then just walk there

It takes a few minutes (7-10) to walk 2,101 step in Pokemon Black.

You walk, run or Bike with the egg on your team.

walk around a bit, eventually you'll find it;)

Route 18. Walk around in the dark grass.

No u cart if u cud it wud of happund wen u got ya 1st pokemon

go to a pokemon center, walk over to the computer, press someones pc, press deposit pokemon, and pick the pokemon you want to deposit

The Man standing in front of the day care will alert you as you walk by. He will call you by name and tell you to "come here" as you walk by him on route 3.

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All you do is walk by a person, they show an exclamation mark and you battle!

Go to the desert and walk around until you see a chimchar

Walk across it, avoiding the very centre. If you run, you'll fall.

Go to the giant cavern and walk around for a little while

You walk and walk and walk (It depends on how rare the Pokemon is for the number of steps I guess think you should go up and down that big bridge that I forgot what it was called (The one to Castelia city)then it hatches when you have walked enough steps.

you cant not even with the go through walls cheat if you do youll just walk in black there is nothing there.

In most of the games caves, there will be occasional swirling piles of dust, and if you walk on it, a Pokemon will appear, most likely a drilbur.

if you fly to nimbassa or walk the trash can closest to a vending machine in front of the pokemon center has one inside it.

Walk down as far as the backpacker and then walk left one, and then down towards the stairs.

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