How do you wash off old toilet stains?

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I would recommend cif. it would probably help
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Why does your toilets bubble when washing machine drains?

If you have a septic tank you might want to have someone come look to see if your septic needs emptying. If you take care of it and feed it RidEx every month you should not have to.. If you don't have a septic tank, I'd call the local water municipality.

How do you wash off sperm off clothes will it wash off?

Follow the care label instructions. Just wash it as normal. By funking it up with special cleaners, that will only make itworse. Just toss it in the washer, warm, or even cold wash. HOTwill "set" the stain in. I would suggest pre-rinsing it first in a sink/basin... just putwhatever it is on in the ( Full Answer )

How do you turn the water to the toilet off?

Behind and/or under the toilet is a shut off valve. You only need to turn it like turning the faucet off. If that doesn't work, you'll have to turn off the main valve located outside the house in some cases.

How do you clean urine stains off a plastic toilet seat?

I have used Cif (in England) Soft Scrub (in America) or any cleaning agent with grains in that can scrub the stain off. This is the only way. For a more natural cleaner, try a paste of bicarbonate of soda, this may work too, but Soft Scrub definitely did the job when I had to clean the toilets in a ( Full Answer )

How old can a toilet be?

The age of a toilet doesn't matter. As long as it retains its integrity it is okay. The insides of the tank workings may need replacing. And the seal around the base of the toilet may need to be replaced as well.

What causes brown stains in toilet?

Skidmarks account for 84.7% of all brown marks in a toilet bowl . Followed in a distant second place by Iron in your water.

How do you remove urine stains on the toilet seat?

I just cleaned my toilet seat it had bad pee stains on the seat and the hindges. I took the seat off and. took off the hindges off the seat and soaked the in bleach and water and. for the seat I used a tooth brush and the bleach that the hindges are soaking in and scrubed with bleach soluition an ( Full Answer )

How can i get rid of hard water stains in toilets?

For toilet bowls add 1 liter of vinegar to the bowl itself and scrub with a toilet brush to dissolve away hard water stains that has built up over time. Also, by adding 1 liter of pure vinegar to the cistern (tank at back of toilet) this not only removes any stains from there but also removes any fr ( Full Answer )

Urine stains in toilet bowl?

If there are urine stains in your toilet bowl, pour a generousamount of bleach into the toilet bowl and under the rim, then leaveovernight. The next morning, flush the toilet and pour more bleachinto the bowl and scrub with a toilet brush.

How old is a toilet?

a toilet is about 50 millon years old even though they were not always flushing but they are 50millon years old. kayleigh. i don't agree that a toilet is 50millon years i think a toilet is about how long you had it for example:if you had a toilet for 5 years then the toilet is about 5 years

How do you get stains out of toilet bowl?

Barkeeper's Friend sold in most grocery stores will rub away most stains, even the ones created by using a lousy toilet brush that has scratched the inside of the bowl - you just gotta turn off the water at the wall, fluch, then sponge out the water to get to the aluminum looking scratches. If it is ( Full Answer )

How do you clean dressing or mayonnaise stains off of a 100 percent polyester prom gown when instructions say do not wash and do not dry clean spot clean only?

There are spot cleaning kits available for just this job, check out your local Walgreen's or grocery store and look in the laundry section. Of course the old standby is soda water You could just clean it with the Dressing or Mayonnaise Stain Remover off of a 100% Polyester Prom Gown When Inst ( Full Answer )

Can you stain your deck over old stain?

yes you can. You need to prep the wood correctly first. Start off be applying chlorine to the wood and pressure clean, running the length of the boards so you dont make marks. Stopping in the middle will make a mark so run fully across. Then apply a conditioner to the wood, Behr conditioner for deck ( Full Answer )

How do you clean hard water stains off toilet?

Assuming you have tried all the normal toilet cleaning products, the last resort is to use muriatic acid. It is normally used for adjusting the pH in swimming pools and can be found in the pool section of your hardware store. However, this is dangerous. You must use long rubber gloves and LOTS of ve ( Full Answer )

How do you Remove iron stain from toilet bowl?

Turn off the water to the toilet and flush so that no water is in the bowl. Add CLR (available at most stores) and let it sit for the rec commended time. Brush to clean. Turn the water back on and flush.

Can you stain on top of the old stain?

yes you can and the stain can change colors if there is a juice stain for example thats red and a grass stain the stain color could change

How do you get hard water stains out of your toilet?

White vinegar has been proven to work time and again to remove hard water stains from toilets. See the step by step method below: Natural Formula to Use: Pure white vinegar Method to Use: 1.Fill a clean spray bottle with pure vinegar 2.Spray the vinegar freely over the toilet and wait for a f ( Full Answer )

Can you wash the toilet and your cat at the same time?

Not if you care at all about the life of the poor cat. Cats don't normally need to be bathed, anyway. They are very clean animals. They only need to be cleaned if they get into grease or something they can't remove from their own fur.

Can you wash the cat and the toilet at the same time?

Yes its very simple. Put the cat in the toilet and flush it. this provides a rinse. Then open the lid and add dish washing liquid. Flush 3 times. Hang the cat and the toilet on the washing line. The cat and the toilet will be sparkling in no time. This is not from Samantha Thompson.

What is different from old toilets to new toilets?

The biggest difference from an old toilet to a new one is the water consumption. An older toilet can use up to 16L of water per flush! A modern toilet only uses between 3-5L per flush. A big money saver!

How to clean stains in a toilet?

The best would be to use a bleach-based spray or liquid. the recommended product differs from country to country so just make sure it is recommended for toilets.

Why should you wash your hands after coming out of toilet?

okay, it is hygienic for one, there could be all sorts of bacteria on your hands after using the toilet, especially for a male who is peeing, you can get all kinds of diseases from not washing your hands properly. you could also get worms (which isn't very fun) and especially if you are about to eat ( Full Answer )

Does maskara stains Côme out in thé Wash?

Mascara stains are not likely to come out in the wash alone, unless you pretreat them. Start by scraping off as much mascara as you can. Then use a pretreatment, which you can find at your local grocery store, by following the directions. Rinse the stain, rub a little liquid detergent into it, and t ( Full Answer )

Does hand washing get a stain out better than machine washing?

Hand washing is not always better than machine washing, but when it comes to stains it is likely a better choice. Machines use hot water, which can set some stains, and wash many clothes at once, which can re-deposit stains on another piece of clothing. Hand washing allows the washer to treat each s ( Full Answer )

What is causing when the toilet is flushed or when the water is shut off at the sink faucet sound like door knocking come from shower wall upstairs main wash room thank you?

It sounds as if you are describing "hammering" caused by air trapped in the supply lines. There is a "hammering" add on for your pipes that can be installed by a DIY person yet usually a plumber might be your best answer. Water travels through supply lines faster than you would suspect and the abrup ( Full Answer )

What to use to remove toilet bowl stains?

I manage to get rid of stains in many toilets with chlorine (as in granular chlorine, used in swimming pools. ) I have also used a product called CLR with good results. After getting rid of stains, put a cleaner tablet in the tank to avoid further staining.

When washing machine drains toilet bubbles?

Partially obstructed drain or vent line. Could also be improperly tied into the toilet drain/vent. In most codes wet venting for more than 1 fixture unit (i.e. a sink) is illegal. Washing machines have their own section of code due to suds relief, air breaks, and the fact that they discharge a large ( Full Answer )

How can you clean old hard water stains off shower doors?

Hard water is a term that means the water has lots of minerals - hard water stains are solid deposits of those minerals left behind when the water evaporates. The water initially dissolved those minerals because it was acidic - a weak acid such as lemon juice or vinegar is usually pretty good at rem ( Full Answer )

How do you get a gravy stain out after it has been washed?

Gently scrape (the method of using a scraping tool to gently lift off excess solid or caked-on stains) any excess spill. Sponge (the method of using light strokes with a dampened pad working outward from the center of the stain) the area with a dry-cleaning solvent, K2r Spot Lifter (except on acetat ( Full Answer )

What happens to the ink that gets washed off old paper during the recycling process?

Wow... this just... wow, its like asking what happens to the soap when you do your laundry. it just mixes witht the water, and disperses., it doesn't. According to the Wikipedia page entitled "deinking": "The unusable material left over, mainly ink [emphasis added], plastics, f ( Full Answer )

Why you should wash your hands after using the toilet?

This is because the hands are the most exposed part of the body that are carriers of germs that can later cause infection. The toilet carriers a lot of germs on the flash handle or door knobs. This is because the toilets are used by more than one person. This germs can cause infections. That is the ( Full Answer )

Are armpit stains easy to wash?

Yes they are. Armpits stains are very common. Whether you sweatheavy or moderate, most often sweat left on clothes for a long timeand impart stains. Sometimes these stains are also due to combinedeffect of sweat and deodrants. So how to get rid of armpit stains?Some sweat stains doesn't go with norm ( Full Answer )