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insert dvd into dvd player and press play :L

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Q: How do you watch a movie on your DVD player?
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Can you watch DVD movie with out satellite connection?

Yes, all you need is a DVD player and a televison. Or you could watch it on a computer with a DVD drive.

How can you burn AVI movie files in a DVD to watch in your DVD player?

Use a Video to DVD Burner to convert and burn movie files to DVDs.

Can you watch CD on a DVD player?

yes every DVD player can read CD ... therefore you can watch cd on a DVD player

How do you watch the diary of anne frank?

it is a movie just plop it in the DVD player and press play

How do you watch a movie DVD on computer?

1st: put the DVD in

Where do you go to watch the movie jumper?

You can watch the movie jumper in the movie houses, in DVD's or in the internet.

How do you say see a film or watch a film?

You could go to the movie theater, or buy a DVD and play it using your TV and DVD player.

Can you use a monitor to watch movies from DVD player?

yes you can absolutely use a monitor to watch movies from a DVD player.

Where can you watch American Pie?

You can watch the movie "American Pie" on DVD or VHS if you have a VHS or DVD player. You may also be able to find it on the On Demand channels through a cable provider.

Where can you watch a walk on the clouds movie?

It is out on DVD

What website can you watch kangaroo jack?

you cant but you can watch the movie on DVD.

Dvd movie burned on CD using Nero 8 but cannot play on DVD players?

Coz you burned the movie on CD rather than on DVD disc, then when you play it on your DVD player, you could only hear the sound but couldn't get the video. You need to change the CD to DVD, and reburn the movie to a blank DVD disc, then there will be no problem for you to watch it on DVD player. More details in followed link

What do you do when you cant watch DVDs on xbox?

Well I use a DVD player. buy a DVD player?

How Do you Watch Hannah Montana The Movie?

You go to the shops. Find it. Buy it. Take it out of the case. Put it in your DVD player. Press play. Watch it. If you follow these steps you can watch Hannah Montana the movie ! x

Advantages and disadvantages of DVD player?

1. It helps you to watch movies of your choice at your house whereas in the theaters you cannot watch movies of your choice.2. you can shift it for eg. you have two televisions in your house your watching a movie and the television turns off, so you can shift the DVD player and watch the movie on the other television.DISADVANTAGES:1. The price of the DVD Player is a lot.2. it wastes a lot of your electricity due to which your bill is high

Where could you watch the full movie of titanic?

On a DVD

How do you watch DVD on PS1?

You don't a DVD will not work on the PS1 CD player

Where can you watch the movie dances with wolves?

You can buy or rent the DVD or watch it on television.

Can you watch DVD on a Blu-ray player?


What did people do before DVD player?

Watch videos ^_^

How do you know what movies are legal to watch for free?

when the movie is on a DVD its legal but when a movie just got in a movie theatre or is turning into a DVD its allegal to watch on the net. you can pay for the movie on the net and then it wont be allegal.

How can you watch free blockbuster movies on your computer?

You watch blockbuster movies on your computer by putting a blockbuster DVD into your DVD player

What does AV out mean on a portable DVD player?

You can plug it into a TV and watch whats on the DVD player, throught the tv.

What do you do if your DVD player only plays one movie?

If your DVD player only plays one movie, then you should contact your DVD player company and ask for a help or a new one.

Where can you watch Hannah Montana the full movie?, but it is on DVD soon