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How do you wear a bra?

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Well if you are wanting to wear a sports bra, you just pull it over your head, kind of like a tank top, then wear your shirt over it. If you are wanting a cupped bra, you place your arms through arm holes and fasten it in the back with the snaps

A different answer Just pull it over your head and put the straps over your shoulders and tighten the straps to your size and put the snaps in place, depending on the size of your waist..

so just pop your boobs in and maybe do it up at the front and then twist it round

2010-05-24 23:07:43
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Related Questions

Should I wear a bra with yoga tops?

your choice. if you do wear a bra, wear a sports bra

Does Katrina Kaif wear bra or not?

She does wear a bra.

Do you wear a sports bra with a normal bra?

no, you wear the sports bra under the sport shirt

Does Amy Rose wear a bra?

She has not been shown to wear a bra.

Should you wear no bra when you wear a short top?

Ideally if you have small breasts, which arent heavy and are perky which don't hang down, you shouldn't wear a bra you don't need one, the more you wear a bra the more chance you have of breast cancer. lose the bra Or in my opinion the best thing to do is wear a bra without the hangle. if you are wearing a short top there is many ways you could wear a bra without showing it on! go to a bra shop and buy the bra with the hangle because if you are not wearing a bra your breast will be hanging in there so wear bra to make it more sexy to impress:P

Should you wear bra to bed?

I think that it's okay to wear a bra to bed. Its not like its bad for you in any way, its just that it my be uncomfortable when your sleeping. You could just wear a sports bra or a cloth bra. --It is okay to wear a bra to bed as long as its not tight, or an underwire bra. As there are theories this causes cancer.

What happens if you wear an exercise bra instead of a cup bra while growing up?

nothing,if you feel comfortable then wear it but wear a bra so you can get used to it.

Should you wear a real bra at ten?

If you need a bra, you should wear one.

Do you wear a bra under a sports bra?

There is no need to wear a bra under a sports bra, because sports bra has the function of supporting breast at right position, the key point is that you need to choose a good sports bra.

How do you wear a bra with out it being notice?

you can wear a bra with out it being noticed by wearin a big jacket

What bra do you wear with a halter shirt?

You would wear the 7 ways Bra in Victoria Secret

What do wear if I can't wear a bra?

Support bra which women wear while excersizing also called sports bras

Is it bad to always wear a sports bra and never wear a regular bra?

No because your boobs might start to sag a little an you should wear a normal bra to prevent that.

Is it ok not to wear a bra in middle school?

It depends on if your developed or not. If you are, please do wear one. You may have great breast but you will get into trouble. If your not developed then don't worry about wearing a bra. but if you really want to wear a sports bra or a training bra.

Do you wear a bra with a corset?

No. There is a Bra built in to most corsets.

Does Madonna's daughter wear a bra?

she wears a sports bra.

What is the best bra to wear when riding a horse?

Sports bra

What bra do you wear under a tennis tank?

A sports bra

If your bra size is 30a should i wear a trainer bra or a cupped bra?

i think you should just wear a 30a cup sized bra. if you are a 30a then why do they make cup bra sizes in 30a if u shouldn't wear one? especially if you have breast buds you should definitely wear a cup bra because it protect that new soft tissue. so i would recommend a padded bra.

Can a baby wear a bra?

A baby should not wear a bra. It would be bad for their growth and support to wear a constricting piece of clothing.

How do you know what size bra you wear how do you know what size bra you wear?

All you have to do to find out your bra size is go to any bra and underwear shop, get your self fitted and buy a bra of your size.

CAN A 21 YEAR wear a bra?

Yes, anyone who has a chest or a desire to wear a bra can do so as they wish.

What type of bra should a 13 year old boy wear?

Boys are not supposed to wear a bra!!!!

Do breast sag if you wear a bra at night?

If you wear a bra at night wont make your boobs sag

Why should a man wear a bra?

a man should always wear a bra because their very comfortable.