How do you wear a pink thong?

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The part with more fabric goes in the front and the back is just the little piece that goes up your butt
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Why do women wear thongs?

Women wear thongs (or strings) so the imprints of their pantiesdon't show through. For example, it's not very classy to see pantylines when you're wearing a skin tight dress or skinny jeans. Of course, thongs look a lot sexier than normal panties and are insome cases used to excite one's partner.

Why do people wear thongs?

People wear thongs b/c they are attractive and . they have to get some getting used to at first, but after a little bit they are fine and fun to wear also....i have to add that thongs, don't see through pants, like shorts or sweats, u dont see a line n they are real comfy n hot! but they are go ( Full Answer )

Should boys wear thongs?

if you want i mean its only underwear but make sure that no one else finds out because your popularity will go right down and every one will make fun of you (i know this from my own experince)

Can you wear your sisters thong?

You really shouldn't! They make thongs for guys, even silk ones, that are made for people with dicks, and those would be better! Plus, you will probably get in a lot of trouble, and your family might get upset, if they discover that you are wearing your sisters thong!

Should guys wear thongs?

They do sell them for guys, but I think its atrouciously disguesting for a guy to wear a thong.

Can you wear a thong when you have your period?

Of course! you have two main options. the first is to wear a tampon. this is the most effective. The second is to wear a thong pantyliner. these work on low flow days but not very well on heavy days. Of couse you can. Just be sure to wear a tampon when wearing a thong during your period. You don' ( Full Answer )

Should Christians wear thongs?

It depends on if you're talking about underwear or swimwear. Another answer The only thing Scripture says about the wearing of clothing is that one should be modest in apparel. However, Scripture does not define what modesty is. Modesty is defined by our intent, our culture, and our context. I ( Full Answer )

Do all girls wear thongs?

yes coz they look like part of a sex appeal im only 13 and i wear them and me mates do

Why do girls wear thong?

Some girls wear thongs because it helps avoid showing the pantie line in some pants like some other under garments would. Some girls just like to wear them because there comfortable also!

When not to wear a thong?

The only time it would be wrong is if anyone knew what type of underwear you have on. Underwear should be your 'secret' and because of that, there is no wrong time.

How do you wear thong?

Well, I'm a guy, but I wear them all the time. It's not wired(I know your thinking I'm crazy). It's actually quite supportive! It works great when you do sports and other activities;) (if you know what I mean) But anyways, this is how I wear them...I simply put them on like normal underwear with the ( Full Answer )

Does Sara Evans wear a thong?

Sara Evans is a country singer from Missouri. She was born onFebruary 5, 1971. There is no evidence available to suggest thatSara wears a thong neither is there any information available tothe contrary.

Why mans do like to wear thong?

They are comfy and they make you feel relaxed! ---- I'd say for similar reasons women wear thongs and I'm sure it varies from person to person. Here's a list of some reasons. -No underwear lines -Makes you feel sexy -Like how they look on you -For your wife/girlfriend (significant other ( Full Answer )

Is wearing a thong comfortab?

Ask a girl you know that wears thongs, I think that a string that keeps going up your bum is not very comfortable.\n. \nIt's very comfortable, you don't feel the string at all.\n. \nwell its ok but g-strings are better.

What age do girls wear thongs?

It depends on the particular girl but they are probably most popular with girls/women in their late teens and twenties.

Is it okay to wear thongs at 14?

Sure, as long as you are okay with it. Some people start wearing thongs at 11, 12, 13 and twelve and im wearing them

How do you wear thongs?

first. you place them on like underwear then. you make sure the line behind them goes up you behind cheeks next. you wear shorts to hide the lines. last. you may also wear them to hide tan lines.

Does Melina Perez wear thongs?

When Melina Perez was in the WWE she would perform her ring entrance. You could see various times that she wears thongs.

Wears a thong?

there is nothing wrong with wearing a thong if that's what your asking and if your asking who wears one idk im not allowed to yet and if your asking something else i really cant help you because u werent very specific so i don't know exactly what u mean by this question

Is it ok to wear your sister's thongs?

It depends on how fat or gross she is or is not. I mean if your sis is not at all sexy than its just plane nasty for you to wear or share her thongs! On the other hand if you and your sis are kinda sexy it might be kinda a turn on for you both knowing that your thongs are getting double the attenti ( Full Answer )

Does kari Byron wear thongs?

yes kari byron does wear thongs, i;ve seen pics of her wearing a red thong and white panties

When should a girl wear a thong?


Which actresses wear thongs?

Cameron Diaz, Hayden panitire, Courtney Cox, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Aniston, Keira Knightly, Linsay Lohan, Heidi Klum, Mary Kate Olsen, Pam Anderson, Briteny spears, Uma Therman, Amanda Bynes, Fergie, Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton.

Leah remini wear thongs?

yes she wears thongs she is very hot, you never she panty lines. that's your answer yes she wear thongs

Do young girls wear thongs?

Yes it depends if their parents let them or not. Thongs are just used to not show pantie lines.

Is it gay for a guy to wear thongs?

no not at all some guys like the feeling of them more then normal guy underwear. i myself like wearing girls underwear more then guys underwear. so no, its not gay for you to wear a thong. maybe I'm wrong, but i think historically more men have worn thongs then women. my reference are sumo wrest ( Full Answer )

Where to wear thongs?

I wear my thong underwear outside and in the house, with a t-shirt, I do wear a thong bathing suit at the beach, I usually don't get hassled by anyone at the beach. I make sure I have another bikini type bathing suit to change into if there are alot of children around, it's just common sence.

When to wear thongs?

They're your underwear so it's entirely up to you, just like any underwear, wear what makes you feel comfortable when you want to.

Does Leslie Mann wear a thong?

Yes she does in This is 40 she was caught wearing a thong and atthe beach she was seen wearing a pink thong

How do you know if someone is wearing a thong?

Someone else said "You don't; it's none of your business what underwear a person is wearing." You can usually tell by looking at their butt. and depending on how tight their clothing is you can also see panty-lines that will tell you anything. But if you've ever seen anyone who has gone commando ( Full Answer )

Can guys wear thong bikinis?

If you are interested in men, yes. well i wear one to the beach every day they feel so good go an try it...and yes im gay

How do you know if someones wearing a thong?

you can ask them!!! or you can tell by the line going around the waist or up the bum!!! another funny thing is drop something and ask them to pick it up, or ask if the can touch their toes and keep an eye on there but!!! i would definitely wear a thong and I'm and 11 year old boy, i jusk think ( Full Answer )

Can you wear thongs while PREGNANT?

Yes you can, i am pregnant and that's all I wear. They make "pregnant" thongs for when you reach 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

Does Miley Cyrus wear a thong?

Miley Cyrus does have a thong. She has been photographed many times wearing a thong in public.

Wear a thong under your leotard?

You can if you like. Many teachers actually recommend it!!! Though I and many others prefer not to, if your comfortable in it, go for it!

Is it legal to wear a thong?

It's legal provided you are wearing something over it. Most places do Not allow an adult to walk around wearing a thong and nothing covering your back end.

Can a baby wear a thong?

I suppose a baby could wear a thong but I have no idea where you'dbuy one.