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O like when every they come around your so happy.. You dont know what to say or do
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What are some things you can say to a girl you really like to get her to go out with you?

Answer The good old tried and true method is to walk up to her (when she's alone) and ask her out on a date. It's then that you get to know each other. Treat her like a lady (if she acts like one) ask what her interests are such as the pop bands you may both like; what her hopes and dreams are. She ( Full Answer )

Does she really like me?

so sorry, but the truth is: most likely not. don't cry, but if she liked u she wud tel u!

Does he really like me?

Answer . if you can sit together and talk about anything, to be able to look into each others eyes and feel like your melting in his arms, don't know if it helps

How do you get someone you really like to like you?

Answer . We can't make anyone like us but we can behave in ways that will make them more inclined to like us than not. The article at the site below is actually about how to get people to like you generally but I think it also applies in a boyfriend/girlfriend situation. Check out: www.ulti ( Full Answer )

How do you know if a boy really likes you or just wants some?

if a boy likes you and doesnt want some then you can tell because he gives you very interseting conversations and says your so cool and smart and totally awsome! but if a guy wants some he likes giving hugs to see your butt and stares at your boobs when you herdly notice. if you ask them a question ( Full Answer )

How do you get someone to like you that you really like?

First just be your self. You will be amazed! Most of the time you will have alot in common.. Second find out what kinds of things they like. Say things like "Did you see ( a movie )?. Third Hang out with the person you like and smile alot! This will boost your confidence! . I hope this helped y ( Full Answer )

Who really really likes pie?

Nobody is forced to like pie, but many people choose to like pie. They love the way it tastes, the way it melts in your mouth. I personally love pie, so i would know. People also like pie because it comes in many flavors, just like ice cream! Do most people like like ice cream? yes. It's very intere ( Full Answer )

You have this girl on your bus and you really really like her?

Sit next to her and talk to her. What do you have to lose? Life is about taking chances. Answer: Well I would like something to show that someone likes me. Like you could start up a conversation or you could give something to her on holidays, especially on her birthday. It is really romantic to ( Full Answer )

You really like some guy what do you do?

I just went through this not that long ago, too, but i think i know what will help you. This is what happened to me. Sometime in around November of last year i got this huge crush on one of my guy friends. My feelings for him have been growing ever since then, and soon i realized that i was actually ( Full Answer )

How do you no you really like him?

Spend more time with him and eventually will realise whether you really like him or not. The thing that makes you like a person is do you like what they stand for and are their values and morals similar to your own. Other things are whether you share the same interests, do you like his friends/famil ( Full Answer )

Does your boyfriend like you or really like you?

well ask yourself how does he act around you? does he look at you does he hang out with u if he does all of those he like lkes u If he .... says hi here and there dont hang out much if he does these he like u hope i helped sorry if i didnt

How do you get somone you really like to like you?

First of all make sure that you act like yourself and not someone different. Second of all try to find something you and the other person have in common. Sooner than you think you'll be hooked up.

What happens when really like some one but they really dont like you?

Well there is not much you can do about that but you can just give it time. Most people want what they can't have. So you could try going for other people and pretend that you don't like them and maybe when they see that they may start liking you back. I've seen it where someone likes someone for a ( Full Answer )

Does he really like you?

If you want to know if a guy likes you, answer the following questions. . 1. Does he say stupid things to impress you? . 2. Does he laugh at your jokes that are totally not funny? . 3. Does he like to hang out with you in a crowd? . 4. Does he smile at you all the time? . 5. Does he care about ( Full Answer )

Can you help me I really like this girl and need some advice?

What's the problem? . I wrote the question: It just feels great when I talk to her. I'm 13 so I have no idea what love feels like. I just know that when I'm around her it feels right. My friends all think she is gross, not for any particular reason, they are just immature. She considers me a frien ( Full Answer )

You really like this guy how do you get him to like you?

There isn't really a way to get a guy to like you. Just be yourself, i know you would probably hear this a lot, and what does being yourself really mean? Well it means, dont think you have to dress like a slut, or change ur personality completely into some way that you think guys find attractive. BE ( Full Answer )

Does he really like you or not?

well.....if he likes you he might say......gently tug your hair or talk to you almost 24/7. or if he's a shy guy walk buy him when he's with friends and just keep going and watch if he stops talking for a second and looks at you, smiles and starts talking to them with a smile on his face then he's p ( Full Answer )

How will you get him to really like you?

Just talk to him.. or who ever it is. Get your friends to talk to him. my boyfriend now took two weeks to ask me out and weve been going out for 2 months! all because my friend Ashley made me dance with him at the school dance. (: Hope I helped!! [:

Theres this really sweet girl you like but im some skater punk how can you get her to like you?

You don't have to GET her to like you. If she doesn't like you for the way you are, then she is obviously not a very good girl to be around. A "sweet" girl is someone who would like you, even if you are a skater. Just talk to her, show her that you have another side to yourself. Become friends, and ( Full Answer )

How do you get this boy that you really like to like you?

i know that its hard to see a guy everyday that you like a lot, but he doesnt like you or you dont know if he likes you...the way i deal with it is. when you see him smile a lot flirt with him (but not too much, just a way that he notices you in a different way) i know that its tough but im sure tha ( Full Answer )

How can you get a girl you really like to like you?

I think you should do special things.. tell her you look beautiful, listen to her problems buy her a chocolate. Just be nice and be yourself. . I agree but do things likeif she loves to excel in a subject then ask her to help then over time read her a study question. not just any question but lik ( Full Answer )

How do you know if a boy really really likes you?

when you look in his way he was looking at you . when you go near him he starts mumbling romantic songs . he tries to touch you/your hand . if he's near you his friends start giggling or laughing . he tries to act pretty cool in front of you . he starts impressing you . he gets jealous when yo ( Full Answer )

What are some ways to flirt with a guy you really like?

Be real, & be yourself.. if he cant like you for yourself then theres no reason for trying. Just be confident and independent guys love girls that know what there talking about and that keep themselves together play hard to get in a nice sexy way :)

How do you get a someone you really like to like you?

be confident in yourself: stand up tall, make eye contact and smile. . Be approachable. ie. dont cross arms and slouch . make conversation and really listen to the person . Hint around the subject: eg.. "i heard suchandsuh movie is excellent, i really want to see it" . Don't be afraid to speak ( Full Answer )

What is this quote from 'he likes me he really really likes me'?

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Do he really likes you?

You are Not going to find an answer to a question like that here. I am sorry, but, you have to look elsewhere. Also, the question: Do he really likes you, needs to be phrased much better. Are you asking; what if he really likes you? Or, are you asking; does a specific person really like you? Are you ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if a boy likes you like really really likes you?

Coming from a guy, I can tell you that it usually depends on his personality. If you know him well. If you're already friends with him, he will probably wanna spend a lot of time with you. If you don't know him too well, you will probably catch him looking at you and he'll look away fast. I know thi ( Full Answer )

How do you get a guy you really really like to go out with you?

This is a tricky thing because relationships aren't one sided they have to be equal. If you like him really like him it will happen just naturally. If you force the issue it will ruin it, play hard to get when he gets it he will become bored, if you sleep with him he will never respect you, be patie ( Full Answer )

What are some really good ways to get a guy to like you?

you have to get to know him! without that you don't stand a chance. it's all about building up a strong relationship and taking it one step at a time, but if he doesn't know you and you aren't making the effort...the first step won't even happen. x

How do you tell if a guy really really likes you?

If he keeps constantly commenting on you he is just tryna get you into the bed.But if he is just talking and making you laugh he tryna let you know that when you are mad or feeling down he can cheer you up.thats one reason.and another one is when he hears something about you he doesn't accuse you of ( Full Answer )

What do you do if a boy likes you and you really really hate him?

Make it clear that you're not and never will be interested and then avoid him, failing that you could try and set him up with someone else to distract him from paying you any attention. Or just grow up, accept that attraction not always being reciprocated is a part of 'grown-up' life and let him dis ( Full Answer )

Does he really like me or what?

So this guy at school in my class pays a lot of attention to me... i have a crush on him, but.... its weird. all of my friends say this: "everyone knows that jack likes valya exept for valya herself" he always acts weird around me, sorta showing off... we have a word for us, 'frienemies' whenever ( Full Answer )

What are some signs that you really like a boy?

Some signs that you like a boy are... 1. You think of them all the time. 2. You get nervous around him. 3. Your jelous of his girl friend. -AnswerMaster618-

How can you tell if a boy really REALLY likes you?

You can tell if a boy likes u if he smiles a lot every time u walk by ( it happened to me) But you boys never tell u so ask them and if they say a long no! tHAT MAENS HE LIKE u

What are some signs that a guy likes you when you don't really know him?

some signs of a guy that you don't know too well liking you are: . he looks at you and once you look at him he tries to act all cool like he wasn't doing anything . he might try to act all cute and suspicious to make you think of him more . he could possibly write a note (not anyone in particul ( Full Answer )

Is there really some thing like heaven or hell in Buddhism?

Buddhism does not limit itself to this Earth as the only place to be reborn to. There are pleasant places to be reborn into which compare favourably to the Abrahamic religion's heavens and unpleasant worlds which compare to the Abrahamic religion's hells. Both there types of world ultimately become ( Full Answer )

What to do in this situation with a boy I really really like?

I would see if he likes me back. But if you know he likes you back, start flirting with him. That always works for some people that's how I got the one I'm with. And to this day we flirt. But keep in mind, if he wants you to do something you don't want to do, you can always say no and walk away. Goo ( Full Answer )