How do you win Charlie Brown on poptropica?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: How do you win Charlie Brown on poptropica?
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Where is the pen in Charlie Brown poptropica?

It is in Linus's house on the desk.

What time is the Charlie Brown party on poptropica?

It's an island.

What do you do after Charlie Brown tries to kick the football on poptropica?

you take the football.

How do you get Snoopy's helmet on Poptropica?

You use the football after Charlie Brown misses it.

Where do you find Charlie Brown when you need to give him a pen in Poptropica?

By snoopy's doghouse

What do you do with the pen on Charlie Brown's island in poptropica?

When you go to the far left later in the game, Charlie Brown needs to sign a document and he needs you to get a pen for him to do so. See

How do you use the pen on poptropica pumpkin island?

You give it to Charlie Brown, and he will sign Lucy's contract

How do you beat Charlie Brown island on poptropica?

There is no "Charlie Brown Island" or "Peanuts Island" or "Snoopy Island."The name of the island is "Great Pumpkin Island" and the solutions are at the related questions below.

Where do you give Charlie Brown the pen at on poptropica?

You get the pen in the BLUE house. Then you walk back to Charlie Brown [ be right next to him!] and click on the little brown pack in the corner of your screen, find the pen, and click USE. HOPE THIS WAS HELPFUL! :-)

How do you get the rake from Charlie Brown in poptropica?

You run with Snoopy and blow on the leaves to make them go the right way and then they will fall into the pile

Where to get the pen for Charlie Brown on poptropica?

you go to linus and lucys house after or while you give linus a lemon flavored lollipop and its will be on the desk.

What is the Charlie Brown island on Poptropica?

The 15th Poptropica island (October, 2010) is Great Pumpkin Island, a Peanuts and Halloween-themed quest featuring characters from the Charles Schulz comic strip.