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It all depends on what you did. If you cheated what you need to do is admit your wrong and give her some space and time for a couple of months and then go to her with a new outlook and attitude about the relationship and her and make her understand that your going to change and make things right. My ex just did that but you need to be sincere and honest and real no more lies and game playing she's already hurt so don't try to act like she doesn't have feelings and try to stumble all over her again. Make sure in the few months your apart that you get all your drama out of your life don't bring no more issues in the relationship that weren't there before steer clear of other females and keep and open mind. Other than that tell her how you feel and let her know what she means to you. Let her know that your not going to take her for granted anymore and that she's the most important in your life and that's where you want her to be. Don't expect her to jump back into your arms it will take time so just be patient things take a process. Do some of things you should have done in the relationship so that she knows your being serious and that you want to make it work. Good Luck!!! Be genuine and she'll take you back... Speak from the heart man, if you really love her, you'd do this and give in time, she'd probably take you back depending on how the person feels at the time. hello. In case you're wondering, I've written out this question. If you want me to explain this more, I'll fill you in on the situation I'm in and I'm grateful for the answers given so far. If you really love her, you have to explain your feelings and be patient. Even if it seems impossible, its not. Good luck!
try to make her jealous! its very scandalous but its fun and helps win back your girl. try talking to her also, and telling her that you're sorry.

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Q: How do you win back your ex-girlfriend even when it seems impossible?
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