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There is no way to predict where the geyser will erupt, so it is a random chance who wins. The same geyser may erupt 2 or even 3 times in a row.

If you are going to lose on Geyser Guess

Close your browser and reboot Poptropica. You can then return to the island on that day and receive a different challenge instead.

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Each round as you know the geyser blows in different places. If you stand on the one that just erupted each round then I think you have a great chance of winning! I tested this out myself, and I won!

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In the challenge "Geyser Guess", that is exactly what it is. The geysers erupt randomly and cannot be predicted.

Saving Your Challenge

If you are set to play Geyser Guess or another challenge that you do not expect to win, you can reboot Poptropica (reset your browser) at any time during the challenge, before you actually lose. This will reset the island to the beginning of that day and usually select a different challenge.

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Q: How do you win geyser guess on reality tv?
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How do you choose a geyser on Reality TV Island?

There is no way to forecast the Geyser Guess. You have a random chance to win or lose.The other game to be wary of is On The Line, where the game may randomly award one of your opponents with 2 or 3 fish instantly, decreasing your chance to win.

What are you supposed to do after you get into reality TV in Reality TV Island?

you do the challenges to win

How do you get past the geysers on Reality TV Island?

All you have to do is choose one and cross your fingers; there's no way to be sure which geyser will erupt.

Do you just keep playing until you win on Reality TV Island?

More or less. Once you have gotten onto the show, you will have to improve enough to at least beat most of the 12 challenges (a random 7 per visit). Only the Geyser Guess involves no skill at all.Avoiding DefeatIf you get to day 6 or day 7, you may want to "reset" any game that you don't want to play, or that you are about to lose. Simply reset (reboot) your browser before you lose, and you can re-enter the show with a different game for that day. This is especially helpful if you draw the Geyser Guess on day 5, 6, or 7.(see related questions)

How do you win the tv show on reality island?

Easy try not to get eliminated from any challenge and hopefully you'll win.

How do you win the Reality TV Island games?

just on geyser thing stay on the one your on and cross your fingers on the cocanaut one i cant help ya but on the jug one keep jump over because theres a thing that knoks you over and on the hangliding stay above and behind and look out for birds

How do you beat the show on Reality TV Island?

The only sure way to win is to place first on all the challenges, or get lucky when you don't.Avoid Losing Arbitrary ChallengesIf you are on Geyser Guess, or the game "cheats" on On The Line, simply close your browser and reboot Poptropica. You can then return to the island at the beginning of that day, and usually play a different challenge. You can exit anytime before the voting scene comes up.*See the related question for more helpful hints

How can you make one million pounds?

Win Lottery, become youtube star, win reality tv shows etc..

What is the number of wins on Reality TV Island on Poptropica?

you need to win 7 times

What do you do if you dont win on reality TV on poptropica?

You go back in the helicopter and try again.

How do you finish the reality TV?

You have to win the show. To get to the show you take the helicopter on the roof of the hotel.

How do you talk to to get the medal on reality tv?

Talk to the man by the helicopter after you win the game show