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How do you wire a 110-volt single-phase reversible boat lift motor?

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You need a three way switch (dpdt). Center leads would be output. Leads on one side would be hot and neutral and on other end the opposite. Center position of switch would be off. When you throw the switch in one direction current will flow in one direction causing the motor to turn in a given direction. When the switch is thrown in the opposite direction the current flows in the opposite direction causing the motor to reverse: (switch-terminal view) |-----|-------|------| | #1 | #3 | #5 | | #2 | #4 | #6 | |-----|-------|------| Lead 3 goes to one side of motor (hot) and lead 4 goes to the other side (com). Lead 1 goes to AC hot Lead 2 goes to AC common Lead 5 goes to AC common Lead 6 goes to AC hot Switch would toggle from center position to left or right with center position being off.

2006-12-18 11:18:14
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