How do you wire a ford alternator?

There are a two ways to wire an alternator. It depends on what type of vehicle options you had on your 65. If you have gauges you DON'T use the Stator on the back of the alternator. If you have just lights you use the Stator on the back of the alternator. There are only four things on the back. One will say Battery, Field, GRD (ground) and Stator. If you have lights and not gauges (GT's) The stator will be the wire in the middle of the three wire feed to the Alternator. The ground will ground to the engine block and the black wire on the harness. The White wire on the harness is the Field wire and goes back to the voltage regulator. When you have lights (no amp gauge or oil pressure gauge) your main feed (Bat wire) will go up to the starter seloined, but if you have gauges it will just feed into the harness below the battery =) If you remember white if field, Batery is the big wire and the ground goes to the engine block and black ground wire you will be safe on most other years.