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How do you wire an amp and sub to a c240?

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Run your power, ground, and remote wires. Then connect your RCAs to the back of your CD player and your amp, then connect your speakers to the amp..-Shocker

2011-09-12 23:16:42
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Bridge two subs to a four channel amp?

If you amp is bridgeable you run + sub wire to ch 1 + then the -sub wire to the - of ch 2 of the amp. The same with the other sub + ch3 - ch4 that's how to bridge your amp.

How do you connect your speakers and sub to your amp?

You connect speakers and a sub to an amp by placing each wire into the appropriate connector. The connectors on the side of the amp are labelled for front, back, side, and sub depending on the configuration.

What size ground wire used for a 60 amp sub panel off a 200 amp service?

The size of wire you need is #8 bare.

How do you wire a sub woofer?

you run the speaker wires from the amplifier to the sub woofer. Run the remote wire from your CD player and also from the CD player run the RCA cables to the amp power from the battery to the amp and ground the ground wire to the frame to the amp the. positive to the positive and the negative to the negative remember that.

How do you connect subwoofer?

Wire the subwoofer to and AMP and the amp has to be directly hooked up to your battery. There is a second wire that is hooked up to a wire that only has power when the keys are turned. This turns the Amp on by turning on a relay in the amp powering the sub. And connect the ground to something steel in the car.

How do you install a subwoofer in your car?

Buy an amp with RMS watts matching the RMS watts of the sub woofer. Hook the amp up to the battery and the head unit (Get an amp wire kit to hook it up). Then hook the sub (which should be in an enclosure) to the amp.

How do you wire a dual voice coil to an amp?

If you want to run both coils,you have to wire the positive to positive and negative to negative on your sub,then run a wire from each plug to the amp. Positive to the positive side of the amp and negative to negative side of the amp,(you can run in bridge mode or stereo if your amp can handle the load)

How do you hook up subwoofers in a car?

you need an amplifier first. decide where you want the amp, and wire it to that point. (amp comes with instructions for the wiring) once the amp is wired in, wire it to the radio(instructions come with amp) and screw it in. then locate where you want the sub(s) and wire it to that from the amp. almost all your instructions for installing subwoofers comes with the amp.

How do you properly hook up a car amp to the subwoofers?

Simple..... You put the speaker wire in the amp and then put the other end in the sub ...

Can you wire a guitar amp as car sub woofer?

You can wire it but the problem is a guitar amp is for higher sound so if u listen to rock with it you should be alright but if you are looking for bass go to a bass amp or just get a 12 inch sub in a ported box its going to be toltally diff sound

How do you install a sub woofer with an amp?

Its not as hard as people may think, but its only a few wires. u need a power wire from the battery to the amp. then a ground wire from the amp to a good solid spot on your chassi. then a remote wire from your radio to your amp....and thats it, just connect your speakers and enjoy.

How do you put a subwoofer in your car?

You have to run the powers and grounds for the amp, do not forget to set up the remote wire either. then you will need to connect the amp to the CD player auxillary with the RCA's, then you just wire your sub to the amp.-Shocker

What size wire for a 50 amp sub panel next to panel?

AWG # 6 copper.

What size wire do you need from a 200 amp panel to a 150 amp sub panel about 80 feet away?

1/0 copper

Where do you wire the power cable in Corsa?

to wire it through a corsa, strip one end and connect to sub or amp, then the other end runs through the car. unscrew the glove box and wire it through thegrommet behind the battery under the bonnet to the positive terminal. Fuse connector half a meter down the wire does help the sub or amp to cope with the current and lessens the chance of blowing your sub

Can you wire a amp to your stock sub in your 2000 sts if so how good would it sound and would it harm it And also what size amp should you use?

Just use the stock amp and sub combo. Unless your wanting to upgrade system for more bass. Then your better off replacing stock amp and sub for a more aggressive sound.

What size wire to run 250 feet away 60 amp sub panel?

AWG # 4

What sub should I get for a 1100 watt mono amp can I use two and wire them together how many watts should they be?

Depends on the rms or continuous rating of the amp and at what ohm is the amp stable

How do you connect two amps to four subs?

Run a 2 sub per amp set-up. Get a distribution block for you power wire to split the power wire. You can run the remote wire from your stereo to one amp and then from the amp to the other amp. you will also need 2 sets of RCA's Easy way is too get a 4 channel amp to power 4 subs.

Can you use a 60amp breaker for a 100 amp sub panel?

Yes you can use a 60 amp breaker to feed a 100 amp sub panel. The wire from the 60 amp breaker must be #6 or larger. You will not be able to draw the maximum 100 amps from the panel you will be limited to 60 amps.

Can you hook up amp and sub to 1997 park avenue?

Sure. You can hook this up to any vehicle. It is easy to do. Just make sure you have the proper gage wire for the amp as a small gage wire can heat up. Also with a smaller gage wire you will lose some power to the amp.

How do you wire a garage sub panel box from a 100 amp breaker in the house main panel?

you propaly can't sub panel from 100 amp panel. Just not enough amperage to be worth while. i had to up grade t a 200 amp main first and then I was able to take a 60 sub panel from that.

What size wire is needed to feed a 125 amp sub panel from a 200 amp panel less than 200 wire feet away?

A #1 copper wire with an insulation rating of 90 degrees C is rated at 140 amps.

Can you hook up a sub woofer with out an amp in a car?

i. HIGHLY. recommend. an. amp. But it is possible if you would buy a converter for your CD player or just connect the sub wire from your sub and connect it into your rear speakers on your trunk. But this would send treble through them which sounds like crap and isn't exactly the best on the subs. I would get an amp

How do you put an amp and subwoofer in an 1996 Chevrolet pickup?

if you have aftermarket stereo it is very easy pull the stereo out of the dash and take your rca wires and plug them in to the back of the stereo and then take your blue wire which is remote wire and conect it to the remote wire on the back of the stereo, from there you rum the wires to your amp. ground the amp and hook up the sub to the amp and you are good to go. hope this helps.