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Use the command nbtstat.

-a (adapter status) Lists the remote machine's name table given its name

-A (Adapter status) Lists the remote machine's name table given its

IP address.

-c (cache) Lists NBT's cache of remote [machine] names and their IP


-n (names) Lists local NetBIOS names.

-r (resolved) Lists names resolved by broadcast and via WINS

-R (Reload) Purges and reloads the remote cache name table

-S (Sessions) Lists sessions table with the destination IP addresses

-s (sessions) Lists sessions table converting destination IP

addresses to computer NETBIOS names.

-RR (ReleaseRefresh) Sends Name Release packets to WINS and then, starts Refr


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What is client side DNS resolver cache?

The client resolver cache is the first place that the DNS client looks for host name resolution. Because it is a location in memory, the client resolver cache resolves IP addresses more quickly than the other host name resolution methods and does not create network traffic. The cache stores host names that have recently been resolved. It also contains mappings that are loaded from the Hosts file. These mappings include the record name, Time-to-Live (TTL) value, and IP address.

How does a client determine the host name of the client computer?

Most operating systems have a methodology for determining the host name of a client. On the command line, the command is usually 'hostname', for both Windows and Unix/Linux. From the GUI Windows perspective, looking at the System or Computer properties will reveal the hostname.

What is the difference between the host name and computer name?

Host name is what your computer uses for items Get the meaning of host? And your computer name is the name of the computer its self.

How can one secure a host name for a computer?

In order to secure a host name for your computer, it is important to have internet hooked into the computer. Then a host name will be assigned to the computer

What are clients?

It is a similar name for customers. They are the people you provide a service to. In computing, a client is a computer that is part of a network and connected to a server. In this context a client can be called a host or sometimes a node. Like customers, services are being provided to it.

What the host name computer name?

It is dependant on your logon, for example if your logon is seanaroniss111, then your computer name is that.

What is the other name for RAM cache?

The other Name of RAM Cache is Disk Cache

What is DNS spoofing?

DNS spoofing (or DNS cache poisoning) is a computer hacking attack, whereby data is introduced into a Domain Name System (DNS) name server's cache database, causing the name server to return an incorrect IP address, diverting traffic to another computer (often the attacker's).

Name 2 parts inside the processor of a computer?

pipeline and decoding unit ALU 1st level cache

What is another name for computer on network?

Perhaps a "node" or a "client" or a "server".

When you are binding to an LDAP server what information is passed between the server and LDAP client?

The client IP address, the clients host name, the port address to use during communication

What is a host computer name?

Is the principal web page, for example www.google.com

How does the HOST file relate to DNS?

The host file provides a list of static DNS entries for a specific computer. In general, the computer checks it's host file for DNS lookup before going to the DNS server.If the server name is found in the host file, the computer uses the specified IP address. Otherwise, the server queries a DNS server for name lookup.

How do you find another computer name from cmd?

You can't find another computer name but you can find other users on the same computer. I am not sure but i think cmd is only a client based program not a server based.

What if your computer wont let you log on to twitter why and how to get logged on.?

Check your user name and password. If they're correct, then try cleaning cache and cookies.

What another name for client?

another name for good client

What is the GAC What problem does it solve?

Each computer on which the common language runtime is installed has a machine-wide code cache called the global assembly cache (GAC). Assemblies deployed in the global assembly cache must have a strong name. A developer tool named "Global Assembly Cache tool" (Gacutil.exe), provided by the .NET Framework SDK can be used to deploy assemblies to GAC. The global assembly cache stores assemblies specifically designated to be shared by several applications on the computer. It provides us the way to overcome "DLL Hell" problem also.

How do you create work group?

Configuring a workgroup is easy - give the workgroup and name and use that name in the workgroup section for the computer identification. The other choice is for a client-server (domain) based network. Therefore you only have two choices for computer identification; either as a workgroup or as a domain (client/server).

What does it mean when starting computer the message will say there is a duplicate name on your network?

It means there are two "computer name" are same on your network. To solve this problem Go to My computer's properties then click on computer name then click on "Change" and change your Computer name like server, client, mycomputer etc. click on Ok. The system ask you to restart your computer, click on yes and restart your computer. Your problem is solved.

How can you find your Windows 8 host name?

If I understand what you're asking; hold down the Windows key and press Break - the computer information dialog will appear - you'll see the computer network name and the name of the workgroup to which the computer belongs.

When would you want to flush dns?

If the IP address of a computer or server that you have recently accessed by its hostname has changed, if you attempt to access the host name again, it will not work. Windows maintains a DNS cache to store the names and IP addresses of systems that you access. If the IP address of one of those systems change before the item expires from the cache, you will need to flush your DNS cache. In windows, you can flush the DNS cache by performing these steps: # Click on Start, then click on Run # Type 'cmd' and click OK # At the command prompt, type in 'ipconfig /flushdns' and hit enter # After you get the success message, type in 'exit' and hit enter

What is a host name?

"Host" could mean your domain name provider, your webspace provider, etc. A host name is the name of your "Host".

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