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You write denario.

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Q: How do you write 'denarius' in latin?
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What is old Latin money called?

Denarius (plural Denarii).

The Latin denarius coin and the Arab dinar coin both get their name from the Latin word for what number?


What did Pompeians use as currency?

It was called a denarius or "dēnārius" in latin. (I learn Latin at school) Hope that helps. : )

Latin word for dollar?

The Latin word for the "dollar" is "pupa" . Though there is a Latin translation for the word "dollar" the Romans did not use Dollars, they used what is called a denarius or aureus.

What does d mean for a 16d nail?

Denarius, which is the Latin word meaning "coin, money, or a Roman silver coin".

What did the roman coins look like?

Roman coins were round metal disks in different values. There was the As, the Dupondius, the Sestertius, the Quadrans, the Denarius, and the Aureus. The as was the basic unit of money. The dupondius was worth two as, the sestertius was worth four as, the quadrans was also worth four as, the denarius was worth 16 as and the aurus was worth 400 as. The as,dupondius, sestertius and quadrans were all bronze coins. The denarius was silver and the aureus was gold.

What is the plural of denarius?

The plural form for denarius is denarii.

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How do you write It is what it is in Latin typography?

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