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150 in Roman numerals is written as "CL" and 1000 is written as "M". So, to write 150 to 1000 in Roman numerals, you would write it as "CL to M".

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150 = CL

1000 = M

If you're asking someone here to write out all the numbers in between, then the answer is probably no.

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Q: How do you write 150 to 1000in roman numerals?
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What is the value of CL in Roman numerals?

The value of CL in Roman numerals is 150.

What it 150 in Roman Numerals?


How do write 150000 in roman numerals?

It is: (CL) which means 1,000*150 = 150,000

How do you write1-150 in roman numerals?

1-150 = i-cl

What does y stand for in roman numerals?


What would be the Roman numerals for middle of the second century?

The year in the middle of second century was 150 which in Roman numerals is CL

What is 150 in Roman numeral?

150 is CL in Roman numerals. C = 100 L = 50

What is XY in roman numerals?

Y is not generally a roman numeral, but can sometimes be 150; XY would be 140.

What number is CL III?

They represent 150 and 3 as Roman numerals respectively

What are the roman numerals from 150 to 200?

In todays modern configuration of Roman numerals they are:- 1-9: I II III IV V VI VII VIII and IX 50-90: L LX LXX LXXX and XC 100-200: C and CC To select any number from 150 to 200 simply write them out in descending order as for instance 150 = CL and 199 = CXCIX

What does CL in roman numerals mean?

C = 100 L = 50 CL = 150

What is the value of LC in roman numerals?

150In the opinion of another contributor:In Roman numerals LC = 50 because LC = -50+100 = 50But in Roman numerals CL = 150 because CL = +100+50 = 150Answer LC is an incorrect way of writing 50, why would you write 50 less than 100 when you could simply write L (50)?Aditional input:The rule of subtraction isn't used, except between I's and X's. E.g, you wouldn't write IL for 49, rather this should be written as forty (XL) and nine (IX), or XLIX.Therefore LC doesn't make sense, or is 150.