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The Romans didn't have a 1/25th fraction, so 8/25ths (0.32) couldn't be notated in Roman numerals. The Roman fractions were strictly duodecimal (base-12), so while you could have fractions like 552/1728 (0.31944) or 553/1728 (0.32002), they are only an approximation of 8/25ths. 1/1728 is 12-4, which is about as small a fraction as you will find in Roman numerals, denoted by ».

So the answer is you cannot write 3.32 exactly in Roman numerals. But a fair approximation would be:


That is; 5737/1728 using Middle Age notation. |L| is 50x100 which is 5,000

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In Roman numerals, 3 is represented by "III" and 0.01 is represented by "I". Therefore, 3.32 in Roman numerals would be "III.II".

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Q: How do you write 3.32 in roman numeral?
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