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Greek: Σ 'αγαπώ εγγονή

English: I love you granddaughter

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How do I write I love my papou in Greek

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Q: How do you write I Love my Yia-Yia and Papou in greek?
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What is the greek word for grandparent love?

The Greek word for grandfather is papou and the word for grandmother is yaya. The word for love is philia, so the two words would be papouphilia and yayaphilia.

How do you write love you in greek?

love you too

How do you write love in greek?

This is the word 'love' in Greek:αγάπη

How do you write Jesus is Love in Greek?

Ο Ιησούς είναι Αγάπη

How do you write i love you in greek?

The way to say, "I love you." in Greek is S'agapo.

What does pou eisai mean in Greek?

It doesn't make sense. Text is missing.μου moo (or mou) = my or minebut apou seems to be the ending of a worde.g. papou mou = my grandfather

Who was the greek godness of love?

The Greek goddess (!) of love was Aphrodite.

Who is the Greek god of love?

The Greek god of love is Cupid. The Greek goddess of love is Aphrodite.

How do you write Our love is invincible in greek?

Its ''η αγάπη μας είναι ανίκητη'' (i agapi mas ine anikiti)

Who was the Greek goodness of love?

Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love

What is the Greek god of love?

the greek god of love is aphrodite.

Who are the greek god's of love?

Aphrodite is the greek goddess of love.