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Q: How do you write Madison in Japanese calligraphy?
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How do you write Japanese calligraphy in Japanese calligraphy?


How do you write Mei in Japanese calligraphy?


How do you write Robby in Japanese calligraphy?

ロビー /ro bii/ is Japanese spelling of that name, in katakana (the syllabary to write foreign words).

How do you write culture day in Japanese calligraphy?


What has the author Tomohiko Horie written?

Tomohiko Horie has written: 'Shodo no rekishi' -- subject(s): Calligraphy, Japanese, History, Japanese Calligraphy, Japanese Penmanship, Penmanship, Japanese 'Sho' -- subject(s): Calligraphy, Japanese, History, Japanese Calligraphy

What is the name given to Japanese calligraphy?

In Japanese, calligraphy is called shodou, or "the way of writing".

Can you write kanji with watercolors?

Yes you may, though in traditional Japanese calligraphy they are written with 'sumi,' or charcoal ink.

What has the author Toshiko Maeda written?

Toshiko Maeda has written: 'Nyonin no sho' -- subject(s): Calligraphy, Japanese, Japanese Calligraphy, Japanese letters, Women

What has the author Yoshishige Haruna written?

Yoshishige Haruna has written: 'Kohitsu jiten' -- subject(s): Calligraphy, Japanese, Dictionaries, History, Japanese, Japanese Calligraphy

What is Japanese calligraphy?

literally, "beautiful writing"

What is the Japanese art?

If you are thinking of Japanese style calligraphy, it is called shodo.

How do you write the word cheese in Japanese calligraphy?

The Japanese word for 'cheese' is チーズ (chiizu) and was borrowed from English (thus the very similar pronunciation).

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