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As a last name de Bhailís.

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Q: How do you write Wallace in Irish?
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What was Wallace Beery's ethnic heritage?

Wallace Beery was of English ancestry while his mother was of Irish stock.

Who is Will Staker?

William 'Staker' Wallace was an Irish freedom fighter in the 1730s.

In what genre does bill Wallace write in?


Did Bill Wallace write the book Beauty?

No, Bill Wallace did not write the book "Beauty." "Beauty" is a novel written by author Robin McKinley.

How do you write 'in Irish'?

as Gaeilge

What did general lew Wallace write?

ben hur

What are Bill Wallace the author's hobbies?

to write books

What has the author John Hankins Wallace written?

John Hankins Wallace has written: 'Wallace's American stud-book' -- subject(s): Horses, Pedigrees 'Genealogy of the Wallace Family' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Genealgoy, Irish Family History, Ulster Scots 'Genealogy of the Wallace Family'

How would you write Sionainn in Irish?

It's already written in Irish.

Is godfrey scott-Irish?

Yes because my ancestors married Brave Heart which is William Wallace

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How do write 5 in IRISH?