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How do you write a bill for law and get it passed in Illinois?


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An 'individual' cannot write a bill for a prospective law. They can only submit it, or its suggested wording, to their elected representative who will review it and make the decision as to whether it would make good law or not. Only they can make the decision as to whether or not they will submit it to their legislature for consideration.

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Most states have an "initiative" process whereby a number of citizens can write a law collect a number of signatures defined by the state constitution. The Secretary of State willverify the signatures. In some states the legislature then has a period of time during which they may pass the law. If they do not the issue will go to the state ballot to be voted on by the voters. In Illinois the initiative process by the citizens is limited to Constitutional amendments. They would, via the signature/ballot process modify the Constitution and then the legislature would be required to enact laws implementing the change. So in a convoluted way Illinois citizens can cause a law to be written.