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line 1 -Name of person line 2-3 adjectives describing character line 3-what you asociate your person with line 4-3 action asociated withyour person line 5- where are these actions done line 6- opinion of your person

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โˆ™ 2007-06-08 03:14:38
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Q: How do you write a vip poem?
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Can someone write you a poem?

Some one can certainly write to you a poem, write for you a poem or write on you in a poem or even write on you a poem, which ?

What is a you can't write a poem poem?

It is a poem which tells you that you can't write a poem. :)

How do you write a mood poem?

write how you feel in a poem

How do you write a Easter poem?

how to write a easter poem

What is an ascrotic poem?

who write the poem.

Write curley wife as a poem?

how do i write curley wife as poem

How do you write a quadruplet poem?

you have to write a poem that has 4 lines that ryime

What is the easiest poem a child can write?

they can write a haiku or a shape poem

What poem can you write for a toaster?

a concrete poem

How do you write a poem about spring?

First learn how to jump. Then write a poem about your spring.

When did Lewis Carroll write his first poem?

when did lewis carroll write his first poem

The poem tonight i can write what is the mood of this poem?

You should write a poem based on how you are feeling. You can look for inspiration from your love life.

How do you write a poem for Bridge to Terabithia?

To answer the question how to write a poem on bridge to terabithia is 1. you make a summary and turn it into a poem

How do you write a poem summary?

If this is for a school assignment, first write the name of the poem and the poet. Then write about what is written in the poem eg: the person or place described in the poem. You may include anything you think is significant or write your own opinions.

How do you write a prose poem?

Talk about the story in the poem

How do you write the grammar poem?

it is a poem that shows grammar

How do you create a poem?

You will write a poem with the presence of your heart..

How do you do the valentines poem on Fantage?

you need to write a poem

How do you write a poem about the book The Westing Game?

it is easy rrad the chapter and than write the poem

How is rhyme useful?

it is useful when you write a poem and it gives you more marks when you write a poem in a exam

How do you write an onomatopoeia poem?

== ==

How do you write a French poem?

Answer it!

Write the poem what is physics?

WikiAnswers will not write your homework for you. We WILL help you learn how to write a poem for yourself. See the Related Questions for help.

How do you write a adventure in a poem?

you would have to write an ode.

How do you write a poem on Leslie durrell?

Look in the book My Family and other animals and it tells you about him then you can write a poem on him