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How do you write acceptance in Scottish Gaelic?


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"Acceptance in Scottish Gaelic."


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In Irish, Rúibín. Scottish Gaelic:???

mac in Irish and Scottish Gaelic.

Scottish Gaelic: Lunnainn. Irish Gaelic: Londain.

Críostóir in Irish Gaelic;Crìsdean in Scottish Gaelic.

In Scottish Gaelic, Steaphag.In Irish Gaelic, Stephanie or Stiofáinín.

In Scottish Gaelic it is Ailig [alick].

In (Scottish) Gaelic: Gàidhlig Chlasaigeach; In Irish (Gaelic): Gaeilge Chlasaiceach

The Irish for Robert is Roibeard;the Scottish Gaelic is Raibeart.

In Scottish Gaelic, cóig deug; In Irish Gaelic, cúig déag.

The Scottish Gaelic Catrìona and Irish Gaelic Caitríona are pronounced the same as Katrina.

Irish is feirmeoir Scottish is ?

Aidan would be spelled Aodhan; Gavin would be Gabhan in the Scottish Gaelic spelling.

In Scottish Gaelic it is spelled Filib; in Irish is it spelled Pilib.

In Irish 'Gaelic' it is CAITLÍN (but spelled CAITLIN by the Scottish Gaels).

I believe that the Scottish Gaelic word for "freedom" is "saorsa". The Irish Gaelic form is "saoirse' (pronounced SEER-sha in both forms)

[Scottish Gaelic] "Love always" = "Gaol an còmhnaidh" [Pronounced: gule un gaw-nay]

In Scottish Gaelic: BeathagIn Scottish Gaelic: Beathag

In Irish Uilliam, but Liam is more common.In Scottish Gaelic it is Uilleam.

In Scots Gaelic it is spelled IAIN.

Irish is Uinseann [inshan] Scottish: ?

In Irish it's "mo sheanmháthair"; in Scottish Gaelic it's "mo sheanmhair".

Jonathan can be Eònasdan/Seonachan; Nicoleapparently has no Gaelic version.

(mór) is scottish Gaelic for big and (piuthar) is scottish Gaelic for sister.

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