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soccer is most played-in America and then England and the soccer is cheated with money but the soccer is very interested one for most watching soccer

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Q: How do you write an essay about soccer in phys ed?
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What does phys ed mean?

"Phys Ed" is a scholastic term referring to exercise.

What is the abbreviation for physical?

Phys, as in phys ed - physical education.

What are the requirements of a Phys ed teacher?

to be a fat ninja

What does a BS in Phys ed mean?

Bachelor of Science

Why participate in an hour of phys ed everyday?

Because your fat

How did James NaiSmith become famous?

James became famous by inventing basketball. He invented basket ball because he was a phys. ed. teacher and was asked to invent a indoor sport for his phys. ed. class.

Do guy's in high school wear jockstraps for phys ed?

i dont but some have to

Who has the biggest ball sack in the world?

My 5th grade phys ed coach had the biggest ball sack I have ever seen. It was yellow mesh with a drawstring, and it had soccer balls, volley balls, basketballs, and about every other type of ball you could think of in there. There were several of each type. There might be some other phys ed coach out there that has a bigger one, but I somehow doubt it.

Who was the phys ed teacher who created the game of basketball?

James Naismith invented basketball when he thought kids at some school were bored of their regular phys. ed games so he invented it and now it became a fun sport.

What is abbreviation for Physical Education?

The abbreviation of Physical Education is PE or Phys. Ed.

How did Basketball began?

James Naismith was a phys-ed teacher and he created this game for his students.

How do you say phys ed in french?

l'éducation physique, le sport

What actors and actresses appeared in Phys Ed - 2013?

The cast of Phys Ed - 2013 includes: Allen Alvarado as Gerald Sunkrish Bala as Alan Tajh Bellow as Darryl Piper Curda as Nancy Christopher Darga as Karl Chelsea Harris as Wendy Samm Levine as Matt Nealy Ryan Sypek as Ed

When was Ed Murphy - soccer - born?

Ed Murphy - soccer - was born on 1930-11-06.

Did Tom Daley enjoy PE at school?

Yes in fact he once dreamed of becoming a phys Ed teacher

What was billy mills education?

Billy Mills got a degree in phys ed Julia rocks Julia rocks

What is physicaly educated person?

Physical education (often known as Phys-Ed) consists of training in sports, or exercise techniques. An athlete is physically educated.

Did Ed sheeran write the song 'the a team'?

yes ed sheeran did write the song a team

Can you wear a jockstrap if you don't play sports?

Yes. Many guys wear them for working out at the gym, running, phys ed class - it doesn't have to be an official sport.

How do you play the offences of soccer?

you just get the ball and shoot ed

Why should I buy a shin splint compression sleeve?

Well my sister had a shin splint and she should have used this compression sleeve because it would have helped alot more she had something that kept popping out and she had a knot in her leg and it was painful for her and you only where this when you are engaging in physical actvity ex. Running, soccer, Phys. Ed.

Is a college degree needed to coach college football?

yes you have to go to school to teach any sport college or not phys. ed is your best chance to teach a sport

What are some vocabulary words in diary of a wimpy kid the last straw?

It's an American book so things like Grade, Recess or Phys Ed or used.

What actors and actresses appeared in Zoltar from Zoron - 1998?

The cast of Zoltar from Zoron - 1998 includes: Clifford Hugo as Billy John Sylvain as Phys Ed Teacher

How do you write open with ed?