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Q: How do you write eka in Korean?
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What is eka boron eka aluminum eka silicon?

eka aluminum is gallium eka boron is scandium eka silicon is germanium

How do you write HYOEL in Korean?

This is how you write HYOEL in korean. 이효엘.

How do you write a in Korean?

There is no way to write the letter A in Korean. Korean uses a completely different system.

How do you write kimia in Korean?

How to write kim jia in korean

What actors and actresses appeared in Eka Eka - 2008?

The cast of Eka Eka - 2008 includes: Amitabh Bhattacharjee as Kamal

How do you write 0 in Korean?

How do you write and say the number 0 in Korean

How do you write HYOWON in Korean?

This is how you write HYOWON in korean. 이효원.

What is the full name of eka computer?

EKA is the name of the computer. Eka means the number One in Sanskrit.

How do you write Benedict into Korean?

benedict translate to korean

What is Katrina in Korean?

카트리나 is how you write Katrina in Korean. Pronunciation is the same.

When was Eka Vogelnik born?

Eka Vogelnik was born in 1946.

When was Eka Gurtskaia born?

Eka Gurtskaia was born in 1986.

How tall is Eka Elieshvili?

Eka Elieshvili is 174 cm.

How tall is Eka Darville?

Eka Darville is 6' 1".

How do you write lady Hannah in Korean?

한나 is Hannah in Korean.

How do write thank you in Korean language?

thank you in Korean language.

How do you write English letter into Korean letter?

how do you write the name dianne in korean

How do you write Bailey in Korean?


How do yo write rainbow in Korean?

the literal way to write rainbow in Korean is 레인보우 but the word rainbow in Korean is 무지개 (moo-ji-gae)

How do you write Sean in Korean?

Sean in Korean would be, 숀 To get more words in Korean just go to google translator!

How do you write Joshua in Korean?

조슈아 is Joshua in Korean

How do you write my Korean name into Korean characters Name is Hanna?


How do you write WATCH OUT in Korean?

Watch out is correctly written in Korean as 조심해!

How do you write chris in Korean symbols?

Chris in Korean characters is 크리스

How do you write on water?

write the word water in korean