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mares, dia feliç

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Q: How do you write happy mothers day in cantonese?
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What is a non-sappy message you can write in a blank Mother's Day card?

happy mothers' day.

How do you write happy mothers day lots of love Dillion in welsh?

"happy mothers day lots of love Dillion" in Welsh is "llawer mamau dydd yn hapus o gariad Dillion" .

What shall you write on a mothers day card for your boyfriends mom?

whenever i feel alone you are with me mom. mom you are the best one. i love you. happy mothers day.

How do you write Mother's Day in urdu?

ammee kaa din

How do you say happy Valentine's Day in cantonese?

Qíngrén jié kuàilè

How do you say Happy Mother's Day in Flemish?

happy mothers day

How do you write Happy Mother's Day to you and your mother in Chinese?

You could write "祝你和你媽媽母情節快樂" which literally means I wish you and your mother a happy mothers day

How would you say happy Mother's Day in Hindi?

happy mothers day IN HINDI

What to right on a Mother's Day cake?

i normally just write "Happy Mothers Day Mom I Love You" with a heart on it or something and I'm sure your mom will love it if she knows its from you :)

Who is wishing every mother on a happy Mother's Day?

MATHDOC! Happy Mothers day to all!

Happy Valentines Day in French?

how do u say happy valentine day in french

How do you say 'Happy Mother's Day' in Persian?

In Persian, Mother's Day is called روز مادر, or 'Ruz-e Madar'. To say 'Happy Mother's Day', you can say 'تبریک مادرم' or 'Tabrik-e Madar-am'.