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"Watashi wa ureshii desu"

Watashi wa - I am/I'm

Ureshii - Happy

Desu- State of being, To be/It is

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Q: How do you write im happy in Japanese?
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How do you write happy in Japanese letter?

Happiness is 幸せ and happy is 嬉しい

How do you write happy in Japanese?

幸せな Shiawase na

How do you write happy birthday Kevin in Japanese?

Tanjoubi omedetou kevin

How do you say or write Happy Birthday in Japanese?

Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu!

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well it depends on what your not happy about

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How do you spell im so happy i miss you?

im so happy i miss you.

How do you say im happy without any reason in Japanese?

You may say 'nantonaku ureshii desu,' written in Japanese: なんとなく嬉しいです

How do you write mosqueda in Japanese?

モスクエダ this is how you write mosqueda in Japanese

What does kaka mean in spanish?

It Means Happy like im happy so im kaka i

What do Japanese people write?


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Im happy person