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i just want to how to write initial alphabets in urdu ? i just want to how to write initial alphabets in urdu ?

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Q: How do you write initially alphabets in urdu?
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How many Urdu alphabets are there altogether?

There is only one Urdu alphabet. It's called "The Arabic Alphabet for Urdu"

How do you write alphabets in order?

You can't write alphabets in order but you can write letters in order.

What is the difference between Urdu and Hindi alphabets?

Urdu uses a modified version of the Arabic alphabet.Hindi uses the Devanāgarī alphasyllabary (not actually an alphabet)

How do you write bande ali in urdu?

how we write alisha in urdu

How write hina in urdu?

'Hina' is itself an Urdu word.

How do you write simran in urdu?

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What are the Arabic alphabets?

There is only 1 Arabic alphabet in use. It is used by other langugaes as well, such as Urdu and Persian.

How do you write no in urdru?

how do you write no in Urdu

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How do you write essays in urdu how to become good at writing essays in urdu?

just keep practicing Urdu

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