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how we write alisha in urdu

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Q: How do you write bande ali in urdu?
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When was Bande Ali Miah born?

Bande Ali Miah was born in 1906.

When did Bande Ali Miah die?

Bande Ali Miah died in 1979.

When was Bande Ali Mia born?

Bande Ali Mia was born in 1907.

When did Bande Ali Mia die?

Bande Ali Mia died in 1979.

What has the author Bande Ali Mia written?

Bande Ali Mia has written: 'Aage Pari'

When did Syed Bande Ali Al-Husaini die?

Syed Bande Ali Al-Husaini died in 1871.

Which Urdu newspaper was started by Lajpat Rai from Lahore in 1920?

Bande Mataram

What is the name of quaid-e-azam brother?

Bande Ali & Ahmad

How do you write initially alphabets in urdu?

i just want to how to write initial alphabets in urdu ? i just want to how to write initial alphabets in urdu ?

What is tongkat ali in Urdu?

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How write hina in urdu?

'Hina' is itself an Urdu word.

How do you write simran in urdu?

simran convert in urdu