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Its Γιάννης (Yannis). more formal Ιωάννης (Ioannis).

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Q: How do you write john in Greek?
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How do you write yes in greek?

To write the word yes in Greek you write vai. To write the word no in Greek you spell it as ochi, and maybe is isos.

Who were Jacqueline Kennedy's husbands?

john kennedy a greek shipowner john kennedy a greek shipowner john kennedy a greek shipowner john kennedy a greek shipowner john kennedy a greek shipowner

Luke a Greek name but was he Jewish?

Luke the writer of the Gospel was actually a Greek-speaking Syrian. The original disciples were Jewish. They did not write the Gospels, although two of them (John and Matthew) shared names with men who would later write about the life of Jesus (writing in Greek).

How do you write thirteen in Greek?

You write, dekatria, or in greek alphabet, δεκατρία.

How do you write in greek have a happy life?

how do you write in greek have a happy life

How do you write Hades' name in Greek?

Άδη is how you write hades in Greek

How do you write john 3 16 in greek letters?

Ιωαννης γ : ιστ 3 is γ 10 is i 6 is στ

What US President could write Greek and Latin with the right hand and the left hand?

President James Garfield, who was our first left-handed president*, could write with both hands at the same time in two different languages. In one hand he would write Ancient Greek, and in the other he would write Latin! *President Garfield actually may have been ambidextrous. He may have been either, that part will have to be corrected by another contributor.

How do you write gabrielle in the Greek alphabet?

You write: Γκάμπριελ (Gabrielle) and the translation in Greek is Γαβριέλλα (Ghavriella).

How do you write patience in greek?

Patience, in Greek, is ipomoni.

How do you write hello in Greek?

Χαίρετε is hello in Greek.

How do you write in Greek?

Ellinas - Greek man. Ellinida - Greek woman. Ellinika - Greek language.