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There has been an interesting poem beginning with the line, 'I am a little pencil and my name is H & B,' in which a pencil tells how and what for it is used by each member of the family, the father, mother, brother and sister, how it gets chewed, how it became tied up with a twain and how, when it became too short to write with, was inserted in a pen tube. There has been no such poem about a foot ball; it's brand, how it is pumped up, cleaned and taken care of, and how it is being kicked across fields by each and everybody's foot and how, when punctured, it is got repaired or thrown away. Try this one for a challenge.

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Did Edgar Allan Poe write haiku poetry?

No, he did not write haiku poetry.

What are the stories of epic poetry?

poetry is something that you write

Did William Morris write poetry?

Yes. William Morris did write poetry in his spare time.

Did Shakespeare write a lot of poetry?

Shakespeare did write a lot of poetry, but he wrote more plays.

Did poetry used to be a olympic sport?


What type of poetry did Eugene Field write?

children's poetry and he started with funny poetry

What kind of person writes poetry?

poets write poetry.

Did Laura Ingles Wilder write poetry?

Yes, she began writing poetry as an adolescent, and continued to write it all her life. She also loved to read poetry.

What episode of soul eater does crona write poetry?

In Episode 26 Of Soul Eater Crona Has To Write Poetry.

What do you call a person who likes to read write and poetry?

A person who likes to read and write poetry

Does Shakespeare write poetry?

Yes he did, he wrote Sonnets which are considered poetry.

Did Robert Frost write anything besides poetry?

no only for poetry

Did st Patrick write poetry?

yes he wrote alot of poetry

Is it true that men who write poetry are most likely gay?

No, it's just a sterotype, I have a girlfriend I write some poetry.

How can you get paid to write poetry?

You can get paid to write but only if it is published.

Did Aztec's write poetry?

They knew how to write and yes ,yes they did.

Did Langston Hughes write playsstories and poetry about black life?

did Langston hughes write plays,stories and poetry about a black life

What is the similarity between William Wordsworth and Percy Bysshe Shelley?

They both write romantic poetry They both write romantic poetry

How do you write a composition about your favorite sport?

To write a composition about your favorite sport, you need to explain the sport in detail. You should also talk about why it is your favorite sport.

How did Robert Burns get started on poetry?

he was around the age of fifteen when he started write poetry.

Why did jean toomer write poetry?

that is so easy . he wants to write

How do you write a letter about you are depressed?

Write exactly how you feel or use poetry.

Why did soldiers write poetry during World War I?

soldiers would write poetry for their own entertainment, and to tell their families what was going on in the war.

Who was the first person to write poetry?

The first poems were by the ancient greeks. And poetry first origionated from folk songs-or just songs. William Shakespear was the first person to write poetry as poetry not a song that is spoken. He put his poetry into plays so he was really the first proper poet who was famous.

When did Shakespeare write most of his poetry?


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