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It depends on WHAT the focus of the report is about.

Areas that are covered are;

Food quality, range, value for money


layout, welcome, customer contact, levels of service


Skills of labour force, levels of staffing at high and low footfall times, regulatary compliance includig food hygene, storage, preperation and serving areas, house-keeping, mamangement of canteen to meet demand


running costs against turnover, profitability, finacial compliance

- if its a customer useer perspective then it would be

Menu, cost of product, availability of proucts(menu), quality of food,customer services, cleanliness of customer areas, availability of opportunities to eat and of course recommendaion for otehr potential users. A report featuring these would bring in how the writer saw the buiness, negative and potential improvenets to limit shortfalls in standards. It must also recocognise good points and make these clear . A good report will be to the point covering each section of the "visit" with a final summery

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college canteen is very big.

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Q: How do you write report on a college canteen?
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