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Q: How do you write the formula of ammonium carbonate by criss-cross method?
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What is the formula of potassium chloride by crisscross method?

K+ and Cl- react to form KCl (potassium chloride)

How many moles of ammonium ions are in 8.754g of ammonium carbonate?

Question : How many moles of ammonium ions are in 8.754g of ammonium carbonate? Let's use the criss-cross method: (NH4+, CO32-)→(NH4)2CO3 That menas in each mole of ammonium carbonate((NH4)2CO3 )there are 2moles of ammonium (NH4). Let's find the quantity of mole(N) in 8.75g of ammonium carbonate((NH4)2CO3 ). N=mass/Molar mass (#) Molar mass((NH4)2CO3 )=2(14.0067+41.0079)+12.011+315.999)g/mol=96.09g/mol. (#) Gives us : N=(8.754g)/(96.09g/mol)=0.0911mole Let's K be the quantity of ammonium mole included in 8.75g of ammonium carbonate. As I stated before each mole of ammonium carbonate contains 2moles of ammonium, therefore : K=2*0.0911mole=1.1822mole Best regards, BILL JESY FOREVER 7171.

What is the molecular formula of ammonium sulphate by criss cross method?

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What is the word equation for magnesium carbonate?

Formula for magnesium hydrogen carbonate is Mg(HCO3)2.

Is Lithium Hydrogen Carbonate's formula LiHCO3?

yes using the stock/iupac method

What is the crisscross method for writing chemical formulas when ions combine?

The Crisscross method is a method of finding out the chemical formula of a metal and non-metal that combine to form an ionic bond. To use this method, the absolute value of the oxidation number of the first ion is used as the subscript of the second, and vice versa. The subscripts are then reduced by the greatest common factor. For instance, to find the formula for magnesium oxide The first word is the metal, which retains its name. The second word is the non-metal, which retains its element prefix and add ...IDE as its suffix. The subscript number of an element doesn't affect the name eg: Al3 S2- Al2 S3 Which then becomes Aluminum Sulfide.

What is the cris cross method of aluminium and nitrogen?

The crisscross method uses the oxidation state (valence) of each element or ion. In this example, aluminum (Al) has an oxidation number of 3+. Nitrogen has an oxidation number of 3-. So, there really is no crisscross, because they are both the same, and they would combine to make aluminum nitride, AlN. If, however, you had aluminum, and nitrate ion (NO3^-), the crisscross would be to make the Al subscript a 1 and the NO3- subscript 3 to give Al(NO3)3.

What is the answer for magnesium and carbonate using criss cross method?


What are the two ways to prepare ammonium sulphate?

The two common ways to prepare ammonium sulphate are neutralizing ammonia gas with sulfuric acid or reacting ammonium hydroxide with sulfuric acid. In the first method, ammonia gas is bubbled through sulfuric acid to form ammonium sulphate. In the second method, ammonium hydroxide is slowly added to sulfuric acid to produce ammonium sulphate.

How can acid rain be fixed?

A method is the treating of soils with powdered calcium carbonate.

Can magnesium carbonate be made as a precipitate by reacting together magnesium sulfate and calcium carbonate?

The proposed method of making magnesium carbonate can not be accomplished from solutions in water, because the solubility of calcium carbonate in water is so low that it can not furnish a sufficient concentration of carbonate ions to exceed the solubility product constant for magnesium carbonate.

What method could be used to separate a mixture of barium sulphate and ammonium chloride and lead chloride?