How do you write the sound that a bull makes?

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The Sound of a BullBulls go mmmmmooooooooorrrrrrrr
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Do bull sharks live in Albermarle Sound in North Carloina?

Answer . Bull sharks are the only shark that can go between salt and fresh water. Actually the Bull sharks can survive in fresh water for months. They birth their babies in the sound. They feed on the abundant Mullet. Albemarle sound is a fresh water sound. Please see latest Shark documentaries to ( Full Answer )

What makes a Pit Bull mean?

The same thing that makes any dog mean-no love and no affection! All puppies need to be around other dogs so they can be used to them. Pit bulls were not bred to fight. people do fight pit bulls for money, you shouldn't do it period. People are killing precious and harmless animals! BLAME THE ( Full Answer )

How do you make sound?

Sound is a compression wave in the air, made by effectively hitting the air sharply, or making it vibrate as in an organ pipe

How do you make a pit bull strong?

Excercise -- long walks -- should do the trick. Tell me more about what you're trying to accomplish and I'll see if I can help more.

How do you make a pit bull healthy?

Well, pit bulls are not amongst the healthiest breed of dogs. You will want to avoid feeding your dog table scraps or real food. Stick to just dry dog food. If you feed your dog canned food, you might want an organic food. Some vets carry frozen patties that your warm in the microwave and mix with t ( Full Answer )

What makes sound?

Sound is mechanical energy, and anything that exhibits movement canmake sound. But the sound has to have something to travel in. A gasor a liquid or a solid is a medium, and the sound will travel inthem (or will be conducted through them). But something must moveto supply that mechanical energy that ( Full Answer )

What sound does a bull make?

It depends on the situation. A bull calling because he's hungrywill beller or so-called "moo" like a cow will. When challenginganother bull or trying to woo some cows he will make a low,growling or rumbling call, or let out a "battle call" in the formof a bellow. He will also let out a blowing snort ( Full Answer )

How do you make a pit bull bloodline?


What makes a sound a sound?

Sound is vibration of (mostly air) molecules. Humans hear sounds from about 20 Hz (=20 vibrations per second, deepest bass) to about 20.000 Hz (20.000 vibrations per sec., very high sizzling) The vibration is tranmitted from the air to your ear and your brain interprets it as a sound. So actually YO ( Full Answer )

A drink you make with red bull?

The Jägerbomb (sometimes Jagbomb ) is a cocktail that is mixed by dropping a shot of Jägermeister into a glass of Red Bull. [1] It is called a "Jäger-Bull" in some English bars.

What make a pit bull mean?

personal experience leads me to believe that pit owners are the leading cause of "mean" pit bulls. we had pit bulls when i was a child and never had a problem with them. although the pit breed is naturally slightly more aggressive than other breeds, don't be under the assumption that a small dog can ( Full Answer )

What crossbreed makes a pit bull?

From the Wikipedia entry on pit bulls:\n. \n"Pit Bull is a term commonly used to describe several breeds of dog in the Molosser family. The breeds most often placed in this category are the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier."

What makes bulls buck?

Well Bulls naturally buck because they are not broke, but that's not the only thing that makes them buck in Professional Bull Riding PBR something called a flank strap is put behind where the rider sits but in front of the hind legs which encourages them to buck more to try and get the strap off

How do you write the sound that a wolf makes?

Wolves are very similar to people, so there emotions change. If you want the howl it is easier to just say 'the wolf howled as he stood in the night' you can change the word HOWL to SING or even SPOKE. If you need the wolf to be doing something you can use words like . Snapped . Growled . Gr ( Full Answer )

What makes bulls mean?

bulls are not mean unless aggravated the colour red or threats and aggresive behaviour towards bulls makes them charge.

Why make a Bull a Steer?

Often the bull that is being castrated isn't suitable for breeding purposes because of lack of adequate structural conformation including small testicles, bad legs, too much femininity, too shallow in the gut and heart girth, bad topline, etc. Bulls that lack libido are also cut. Other reasons could ( Full Answer )

How do you make your pit bull stronger?

You take them out for walks, and play with them. Take them do gyms if they will alow animals and make it run in stuff. Feed it very good food. But making them become fighting dogs is never the answer, it is wrong!!

What sounds does the water sound make?

Some of the following sounds are made by water in various situations: splash, drip, gurgle, babble, quack, hiss, and bubble.

Does the word bull have a short U sound?

Yes. But the sound here is a short OO, as in full, and pull. (book, could, and wood) As opposed to the actual short U seen in dull and null. (suds, drum, and pup) If it was a long U sound, it would be pronounced Boole or Buell.

What sound does a table sound make?

Tables don't make sounds because they are nonliving creatures. And yet, many non-living things make sounds. If a table creaks, doesn't that qualify?

How do you make bull terriers?

You don't have to look up for the breed that created it since there is a lot of bull terries around to buy a puppy.

How can you make a bull terrier aggressive?

freak it out or stare at it ______ The question here is not how can you make a bull terrier aggressive, but why would you want to? Are you curious as to how someone managed to make such a loyal and good dog aggressive? Usually because of abuse and bad breeding. Do you want to make one agg ( Full Answer )

What noise does a bull shark make?

They don`t communicate with noise but all sharks can make a barking sound by forcing air out of their gills. It sounds like a terrier.

How do you write the sound wookies make?

I see it as though wookies make more then one noise but if you wantthe common wookie call then my answer would beAUGUUUGUUUGUUUGRRRGHHHHH a wooikie roar would be AULRGHHHGR awookie wimper would be AUGRFF.

How would you write the sound a seal makes?

arf arf arf art! whatever you want kid! The typical seal barks, so just write "the seal barked" instead of trying to come up with different ways to say it.

How would you write out the sound that someone makes when smoking?

You would spell it like this : ffffffffft. Another Answer Depending on whether you're writing in a novel or a screenplay, you can handle this a few different ways. In a screenplay: . [Action] James exhales loudly. . [Action] Anne hears James exhale loudly. . [Action] James signals by exh ( Full Answer )

Does what bull make any sense?

No because their can not be what bull. What bull is not also a sentence. What bull does not make sense. .

What makes a better pet a bull terrier or pit bull?

Bull terriers have a higher rate of human aggression and a much higher bite rate than pit bull terriers. They are more unpredictable around children as well. In my opinion, I would choose an American Pit Bull Terrier over a Bull Terrier. Check out and research which breeds pass the standard ( Full Answer )

Why did Michel tuffery make his bull?

Michel Tuffery's bulls (he's made more than one) are a commentary on the way consumerism has affected the traditional values of his ancestral home in the Pacific Islands. Beef is a dietary staple in many of the islands, but rather than simply being farmed it has become consumerised and commercialise ( Full Answer )

How do you make a strawberry bull?

first you liquefy a couple of strawberries with ginger ale, then you pour the liquefied strawberries and red bull and add more ginger ale into a cup and voila. :)