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These are two words. There is no hyphen in the concept. In charge means to have leadership in English, so there is no hyphen to connect the two.

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How do you do a hyphen notation?

You write the Symbol of the element, a hyphen and then the mass number. i.e. C-14

Is write-up hyphenated?

does write up need a hyphen

How do you write a syllable word?

You separate the syllables with a hyphen.

Define write-off in medical billing?

Write off is the difference between total charge and the allowable amount by the insurace. Write off is the difference between total charge and the allowable amount by the insurace.

how do you write 75000 in words correctly do you put hyphen between 'seventy' and 'five'?

75,000 = seventy-five thousand.

How do you write 15001 in words?

I would write 15,001 as fifteen-thousand and one. Though I suspect the hyphen is not necessarily correct.

How do you write 167?

167 may be written as one hundred sixty-seven. A hyphen should always be used between the tens and units digits when writing out numbers, but never between the hundreds and tens digits.

Write the isotopes hyphen notation for sodium?

H-1 h-2 h-3

How To Write 90 In Words?

Ninety. To go up from that, use a hyphen. (Ninety-one, ninety-two...)

How do you write five feet five inches?

5' 5" Feet have one hyphen - inches have 2

How do you write 75000?

75,000 is usually written alphabetically as seventy-five thousand. The general rule is to use a hyphen between the tens and units from twenty-one to ninety-nine.

Why is their a hyphen between some words a space between some words and why are some words together?

Hyphen~ Because that is two different words put together, so that it is easier to say, write, etc. Space~ These are two words that either couldn't be combined, or the author chose not to. Together~ It has a different meaning. For example: Together is totally different than to get her. there curse words have you seen are we there yet yea they use them all the time when ice cube said blt(h!!!

How do you write 60 something dollars?

Exactly like that, looks good to me. I don't think I would use a hyphen, but that would probably be fine too.

Write the formula for NH4 and OH?

NH4OH NH4 has a charge of 1+ and OH has a charge of 1-

How do you write the charge of Cu3?

Cu with the superscript 3+.

If we write charge carriers are electrons then will it be right answer?


Is the word stepchild hyphenated?

Not usually. Many compound words do begin with hyphenation, and co-operate is an example. Without the hyphen, it might be pronounced "cooper eight". Once the word is sufficiently well recognised, the hyphen is used less and less, so that many people nowadays write "cooperate".

How do you write free - no charge in Japanese?

The word 無料 (muryou) may be used to mean 'free of charge', 'free' and 'no charge' in the Japanese language.

How can you divide a word at the end of a written line?

Generally, one uses a hyphen in order to divide a word at the end of a written line. However, it is also acceptable to just write the whole word on the next line rather than divide it at all.However, there are few important rules to note when using a hyphen.1.) You can only divide a word between syllables.Correct:alli-gatorIncorrect:allig-ator2.) You cannot leave a single letter all by itself on the upper line.Correct:even-tuallyIncorrect:e-ventually3.) You cannot have two or fewer letters by themselves on the lower line.Correct:tor-nadoIncorrect:torna-do4.) If the word is a compound word, one that already has a hyphen in it, then the break must occur at that hyphen, or you should just write the whole word on the next line.Correct:short-distanceIncorrect:short-dis-tance

If you have an ion that is a transition metal you need to write the charge as what?

The charge it's written in parentheses with Roman numerals: Fe(II).

What does a dash between two words mean?

Do you mean a hyphen, such as in vice-president? Taking this particular example the hyphen is necessary for clarity, since vice president could be ambiguous and vicepresident is a bit clumsy. Consider pre-dinner conversation, compared with predinner conversation: you can see which one looks right. The hyphen is also used to avoid multiple letters, for example, re-enter wouldn't look right as reenter; co-operation is easier to read than cooperation. There are many other examples and with practice you'll get a feel for the correct usage. The dash is strictly speaking longer than the hyphen and is generally used for emphasis, such as in 'Hey - what was that?'. If your keyboard doesn't have a dash you can type your sentence in Word using a hyphen; Word will automatically turn it into a dash and you can copy it to your internet communication. Or you can write, 'Hey -- what was that?' Without the dash, 'Hey, what was that?' just isn't quite the same.

How do you write the charge of an ion?

find the difference between the number of electrons and protons, and then find whether protons(+) or electrons(-) are more abundant. if the difference was 2, for example, and there were (2) more protons than electrons, the charge would be written as: chemical symbol 2+

What does nbsp means?

In HTML markup it means "non-breaking space". Its a space you use which is not a valid place for automatic hyphenation. An example is when writing numbers. If you write $1 000 000, it is wise to use the nbsp between the groups of figures, or you could find your number broken with a hyphen at the end of a line.

How do you write the word in charge in a sentence?

The person in charge isn't running this parade very well. If I were in charge, I would have held this race in the cooler months rather than in the summer. I want to talk to the person in charge here.

How do you write the formula of Arsenate?

It is a polyatomic ion and its formula is AsO4 with a 3- charge