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How do you you play chords on a guitar?

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Typically, the 6 string guitar is tuned on the notes EADGBE. If you strum across those strings without touching the fretboard you would have a Em7sus chord.

Building the chord, we have root (E) 3rd (G) 5th (B) 7th (D) and the added 4 (A) which is a suspension note.

To make other chords, you learn the theory of how to make a chord and then use your fingers to press down and change the open strings to something else that fits the chord that you are trying to make.

Get a guitar chord chart and use that but it would help you tremendously to learn the theory to understand why each chord is what it is.

2009-11-13 22:42:20
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Q: How do you you play chords on a guitar?
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Are guitar chords and violin chords the same?

Yes, but they don't play their chords like you would play on a guitar. :)

How do you play chords on a guitar?

For that there are many chords in guitar, you might wanna learn or get a book about it.

What guitar plays chords?

In a band it is the rhythm guitar, but you can play chords with any guitar; the sound will be different depending on the type.

What instrument can play chords?


Where can you get Chords for your guitar?

just search the song you want chords for and it will tell you the chords and how to play them

Where can one learn Christmas chords to play on a guitar?

One can learn Christmas chords to play on a guitar either by going on Youtube or taking special classes where they teach you how to play Christmas chords.

What are the guitar chords for 'the climb'?

I'm trying to play the climb on my guitar, and i need to know what the chords are for it.

How do you play we are young on guitar without using chords?

What the crap do you mean? It's a guitar! You use chords!

Does a guitar play chords?

Since a chord is a group of notes played simultaneously, and since a guitar has six strings which can be sounded simultaneously, a guitar certainly can be used to play chords.

How do you play chords on guitar?

Chords on the guitar are played by using your pick to play two notes or more simultaneously. The notes could be any notes that are possible to play on the guitar as long as they are played simultaneously.

How do you play guitar tabs to piano?

The same way you play guitar tabs on a guitar: by knowing how to play the various chords listed.

Do you use guiter chords on a bass?

it doesn't matter what you play u can play guitar chords or not it's your choice

Is there a website where all guitar chords are in tabs form?

The page linked below has charts and videos that teach you how to play all guitar chords.

How do you transfer chords into piano chords?

I am going to assume you mean transferring guitar chords into piano chords. You don't have to transfer anything. A C chord on the guitar is a C chord on the piano. It's the same thing. You can even play very hard chords for the guitar on the piano. You can find the list of piano chords on the web.

Can Sebastian Vettel play the guitar?

He can play basic chords, but is not a skilled musician.

What should you do after you learn the guitar chords?

After Learning your guitar chords it would be a good idea to find songs to play so that you become comfortable with changing the chords at the right time. A good way to practice this is to play along with the song.

What is the hardest to play drums or guitar?

it is probably harder to play guitar because there are more notes and chords and it is none stop

What is the difference of guitar chords from electric guitar chords?

There is no difference in chords, whether played on an electric, acoustic or classical. Most guitarists who play chords on an acoustic guitar usually try to play with open strings, and this is why they use a capo to allow them to play chords for the most open strings. This is because it sounds more ringing and less of a "muffled" sound (and easier for those who are not as accomplished). The electric guitar has less difference between the open string chords and barr (or other fingering) chords. However, a popular technique is playing power chords on the electric -- just the lower 3 strings in the barr chord positioning; this is rarely used on the acoustic guitar.

How do you play favorite girl by Justin Bieber guitar chords?

the chords are..... EM AM C B7 play this for the whole song Hope this helps

How do you master guitar barre chords with small fingers?

do stretching guitar excersizes for a couple months and you will be able to play anything with bar chords ( youtube " finger strching excersizes for begginer guitar")

How do u play a guitar?

place your fingers on the frets on the chords and strum them.

If you are playing bass with a vocal group and see guitar chords in the music then what should you play?

Try to play some scales to coincide with the guitar chords. Example: When the sheet music calls for a C chord, play a C scale.

What are the guitar chords for he honore?

maori song chords he honore guitar

How do you play ukulele chords on a guitar?

Chords are chords and are made up of musical notes. If you consult a chord chart you will learn how to make the appropriate chords for any instrument you use.

How hard is it to play the guitar?

If you want to learn how to play basic chords, then it is easy. If you want to master extreme tabs and power chords, you are looking at a bit more than one guitar lesson. Also, if you have a very small hand, you might have trouble playing some chords. But if you are ready to learn guitar go for it!