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Cámbiele / cámbienle / cámbiale / cambiadle de canción.

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Q: How do you you say change the song in spanish?
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How do you say is that a song in spanish?

Is that a song translates to Es que una cancion in Spanish.

How do you say our song in spanish?

You say: Nuestra canción

How you say song in Spanish?


Hhow do you say this song in spanish?

Esta canción

How do you say Nice Song in Spanish?

bonita canción

How do you say Chevon in spanish?

Chevon Names dont change in spanish!

How do you say song writer in spanish?

compositor de musica

How do you say a nice song in spanish?

una cancion agradable

How do you say she me her song's in spanish?

Ella me la canción de

How do you say Guitar Hero in Spanish?

guitar hero - no change.

How do you say Ashley in Spanish?

The same way you would say it in English - Names do not change between languages. Some names do have variants in other languages, but Ashley does not change when spoken in Spanish.

How do you say but still want my song in Spanish?

pero todavia quieres mi cancion