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bonita canción

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Q: How do you say Nice Song in Spanish?
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How do you say a nice song in spanish?

una cancion agradable

How do you say nice song i wish i could sing like that in spanish?

"Buena canción. Desearía cantar así"

How you say nice in spanish?

agradable !

How do you say are you nice in spanish?


How do you say i am nice in spanish?

Soy simpático(a)

How do you say have you been nice to your sister in spanish?

¿Ha sido agradable a tu hermana? is the best way to say "Have you been nice to your sister?" in Spanish.

How do you say you have a nice body in Spanish?

"You have a nice body" translated into Spanish means "Tienes un bonito cuerpo".

How do you say is that a song in spanish?

Is that a song translates to Es que una cancion in Spanish.

How do you say our song in spanish?

You say: Nuestra canción

How do you say the wheather is nice in spanish?

You can say "Hace buen tiempo"

How you say song in Spanish?


How do you say so nice in spanish?

tan agradable