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Just figured it out a few secs ago. Hold the ctrl key and use the up and down arrows :D <unders>

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Q: How do you zoom in and out on RUSE on a PC without a mouse?
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How do you zoom in with the sniper in halo PC?

The "mouse wheel" or "third mouse button" are the default zoom buttons. You can edit your controls at anytime however in the Controller Configuration menu.

How do you get the screen to zoom back out in My Sims?

if its for pc, you can use F or use the wheel on the mouse

How do you zoom in PC game Return to castle Wolfenstein?

Holding the right mouse button will zoom in using the current weapon's scope or reticule. You can change it in the settings, whether you hold the button to zoom, or use a click to toggle it on or off.

How do you scroll weapons in gta vice city PC?

For the sniper rifle, by default, it is set to the [0]-numpad. To zoom, you press the +/- keys on the num-pad. For the M16, you use the right mouse button to zoom in. For general directions, you move your mouse around to inspect the world around you.

Why and other dtp programs difficult to run without mouse?

dtp and other programs are difficult to run without mouse because when starting PC without a mouse, I get an Pointing Device Error - PC can continue loading and works but this message appears every time a mouse has been re-attached and taken off. I don't want stop ability to add a mouse now and again as software tweaks are sometimes needed.

How do you zoom in on minecraft PC?

Get the client optifine. Then once it is loaded up, press left ctrl to zoom !

What is a PC controller?

a PC controller is a mouse

How do you get the zoom in mod on minecraft PC?

OptiFine is a mod that allows you to zoom in and out, and also enhances performance. To zoom in, press and hold "CTRL." This will zoom you in. Make sure it is the left "CTRL," and not the right.

How can you cheat in quizlet scatter?

make your window as small as possibe without it saying that it couldnt save your score and then zoom in once (best on mac but works well on pc)

How do you scope with sniper rifles on Halo PC?

Xbox360: RS, and PC: you would have to check under your controlls for that.

Can you hook a PC mouse up to a laptop?

Yes. As long as the laptop has the appropriate connector (USB, PS/2, serial, etc...) you can use a mouse from a standard desktop computer without issue.

What to do with a broken PC mouse?

Throw it away.