How do youconvert milliliters to ounces?

Wikipedia provides this information: 1 US fluid ounce = 29.5735297 milliliters (about 30 mL) so your conversion for ounces would be using '30"(millileters) x the number of ounces you want to convert. Therefore; 2 ounces would equal 60 millileters. Or you could get real fancy and use the long string of nuumbers x the number of ounces you want to convert - then you'd have a real mess if you were adding the liquid to a batter. Truth is, there isn't any real conversion for the metric system into the US measuring system. It always comes out with a left-over digits. So, the easiest and less frustrating thing to do is to round-up the number. Hence 30 and pray. I think Europe should have converted to our system, at least we have a measurment system based on equal segments that can be multiplied, divided or added to produce a whole number.