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Q: How do your pupils get when you have a concussion?
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Do your eyes have to be dilated to have a concussion?

No. If the concussion is moderate then the pupils probably won't dilate. pupils usually dilate due to swelling in the brain.

What do pupils dilate means?

That the photoreceptor's in your eyes may be weak. or that you have concussion are unconscious or drugged or that there is not much light

What will happen if pupil is constricted?

Non-responsive pupils are often a sign of brain trauma, and are usually a sign of a concussion.

What dilate the pupils of the eyes?

There are many things that can dilate the pupil of the eye. First of all, light plays a huge factor. Also, if there are unknown, alien substances in your body, such as drugs, that is also a pupil dilator. Also, if you have recently suffered a concussion, your pupils might be dilated for a while. Pupils also dilate when focusing on different planes of vision, as well as different distances.

How do they examine pupils in wrestling school?

to inspect a pupil they will usually use a wave a light back and fourth across the eye to see if the pupil contracts and dialates. this is usually used to test for a concussion.

What is a double concussion?

A double concussion is a concussion that immediately follows the first concussion, or occurs before the injured party is asymptomatic.

If you have a concussion can you take Valium?

Can you take Diazepam with concussion.

How do you use concussion in a sentence?

A concussion is an injury to the brain when it hits the skull after a hard hitHumpty Dumpty got a concussion when he fell off the wall. :)I'm afraid he might have a concussion.

A sentence for concussion?

Mild head injury is called concussion

When was Concussion - album - created?

Concussion - album - was created in 2001.

Can you play video games when you have a concussion?

Yes, you can still play video games with a concussion. In fact, when I got a concussion, that is all I did.

Was Sidney Crosby's concussion serious?

No it was not a serious concussion. It was a mild concussion but it's taking Crosby time to feel better