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How does ADD and drug addiction and or alcoholism relate?

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From rumors that spread, ADD and ADHD have nothing to do with drug addiction or alcholism. If someone who has ADHD or ADD drinks a class of wine a night they are not considered an alcholic. ADD and ADHD persons some do take medications to help them becasue ADHD and ADD is all about low levels of dopamine.

Therefore, your questions on how they all relate is that they do not. A person chooses to be an alcholic or have a drug addiction. If someone with ADD is alwasys looking to get drunk that is not becasue of their ADD that is more of a poor life choice.

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ADD is often characterized by impulsiveness. It is not uncommon for someone who is ADD to be more prone to addictive behaviors than the general population. They are not doomed to it, but they are at greater risk.Since most people have a reasonably strong sex drive, sex addiction is one of those things that ADD people are more prone to if they submit totheirimpulses.

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