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== == This isn't an official answer, but apparently right now is just using AnswerTips and 1-Click Answers for goodwill and advertising for the main website.

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Profit is calculated by subtracting from revenues?

Profit is calculated by subtracting __costs__ from revenues. Apex answers

Formula to calculate gross profit?


Is WikiAnswers non-profit?

Non-Profit?Our mission is to collaboratively grow questions and answers for the world to use, for free. However, WikiAnswers is not part of a non-profit corporation. In November 2006, the site became a division of Answers Corp. (a for-profit corporation), which, until April 2011, was a public company that traded on NASDAQ.(See Related question.)

Is it possible to donate money to WikiAnswers?

No. Answers Corporation, the company owning and operating, is not a non-profit organization. Rather, it is a for-profit corporation, publicly traded on the NASDAQ Capital Market - the stock symbol is ANSW. Answers Corporation does not accept donations.

How does this website make a profit?

This is a very good question. Answers started out as a subscription-based company. Then it went to advertising-based. So that is why the site is free to the users. Also, Answers diversifies and has other businesses as well. They also offer statistical and polling services (ForeSee is an Answers company), cloud services, and tablet services.

Is Answers part of Wikipedia?

No. Answers is run by Answers Corporation (read more at Wikipedia is run by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation (read more at ).

Why starting a large number of production will boost profit even though the product is not complete?

this chanty rocking the answers

What is the name of the sponsoring institution for this website?

This website isn't really sponsored; it is a for-profit business. The name of the company is Answers, or Answers corporation, and this part of the site (the question and answer part) is called WikiAnswers.

What characteristics does a capitalistic society have?

Choices in products and services, the profit motive, private ownership of property.

Is this website a ripoff?

No. In order to "rip off" a person, a website has to gain money, profit or personal gain from you. Answers is a free source of knowledge and the leading community question and answers site on the internet.

Why is wiki answers full of bullsht?

Because its here to make PROFIT. Nothing to do with no-profit Wikipedia.The best BS is always written in profits name. Or a prophet.A prophet is an individual who is claimed to have been contacted by the supernatural.

A bag was bought for 40 and at a profit of 15 percent of the cost price what is the profit?

The question isn't quite clear therefore there are two answers depending on the interpretation of the question. # Assuming a customer bought the bag for 40 and the company earned a 15% profit, then the profit would be 40 x 15% = 6 # Assuming the company bought the bag for 40 and then sold it on for 15% profit, then the selling price would be 40/(100% - 15%) = 47.06 giving a profit of 7.06

Is American Eagle Outfitters profit or non-profit?


Is YMCA for profit or not for profit?

The YMCA is a not for profit.

Types of profit?

normal profit, sub-normal profit and abnormal profit.

I am looking for companies or people who will donate to a non-profit organization can anybody help you?

I'm sorry, I had to delete these answers as they contained website details and email addresses which is strictly against the code of wikianswers. If you are looking for someone to support your non profit organisation then you should resubmit your question giving details of where you are based. That might lead to suitable answers.Or, you can start your search with your local Chamber of Commerce who might be able to help you find corporate donors or non-profit organisations in your community.

What does profit margin mean?

Profit margin means the amount of profit you make measured in a percentage. This can include:Gross Profit marginNet Profit marginMarkup Profit margin

Is a preschool a non profit organization?

Preschools can be non-profit or for-profit. Most are for-profit.

Is general motors for-profit or not-for-profit?

General motors is for profit company.

What are 3 motivations of a business?

Profit, profit and profit.

Is Walmart a profit or non profit company?


Is Mcdonalds a non-profit or profit?


How do you calculate profit margins?

Gross Profit Margin = Gross Profit/Revenues Net Profit Margin = Net Profit/Revenues

Is macdonalds a for-profit or Non-Profit or Not-for-profit organization?

McDonald's is a for profit company. It is not a nonprofit or a not for profit, which are synonyms.

Is net profit more than gross profit?

no! gross profit is more than net profit because net profit is obtained after the expences are deducted from the gross profit.

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