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Each state has regulations regarding auto insurance. The laws may require minimum coverage or relate to the age of the driver. An agent in either state will be able to give you specific details, given your vehicle, age and driving record.

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When compared to Nevada and California Arizona does have higher rates.

Progressive offers good auto insurance coverage in Arizona.

Mercury Insurance is located in California. They also write auto insurance in Florida, Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Nevada, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

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Titan Auto Insurance may be found in the United States. It serves Arizona, California, Georgia, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia.

You can get an auto insurance quote in California from major insurance providers such as Progressive and The General. Another option is Nationwide Insurance.

The headquarters of AIS auto insurance are located in Pasadena, California. They specialize in getting low auto insurance rates in the state of California.

Arizona doea have relatively low crime and as such has low insurance rates.

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Yes, state law in Arizona requires drivers to have auto insurance. The minimum required insurance is $15000 per injured person and $10000 for property damage.

Geico and Allstate are available in Arizona

Call around your local auto insurance companies or do a search online...

A good place to start is This is a comprehensive list of car insurance providers for Arizona.

There are many companies that offer auto insurance quotes in California. Some of these companies are Allstate, Nationwide and Progressive. You can also contact the California Department of Insurance for quotes.

MetLife Auto & Home Insurance is located at 20229 N. 67th Avenue in Glendale, Arizona.

Progressive has the most policies in Arizona, but their corporate offices aren't located in Arizona.

State Farm and Metlife are two popular and well respected auto insurance companies in Arizona.

The company you are looking for is either the Arizona department of the AAA Auto Insurance Club or a company called Az Auto Insurance Agency located in Baytown, Texas.

California Casualty is a insurance company based in the USA. Car insurance from California Casualty can be obtained from phoning them or online websites.

One can find cheap and quality auto insurance at an insurance agency call Cost U Less auto insurance. They have cheap prices with quality insurance for customers.

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One may find online auto insurance rates in California buy using the web forms at All State and State Farm. Comparison sites such as "California Auto Insurance Rates" may also be used.

Auto Club of Southern California offers many different kinds of insurance, including auto, home, life, boat, small business, renters, condo and personal umbrella insurance.

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