The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

How does Bilbo feel about elves?

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Bilbo is fascinated by the elves. He is delighted to meet them and has even learned some of the elven language.

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How does Bilbo be brave on chapter 3 Of The Hobbit?

He does not feel brave although he does get refreshed from the elves

Why do the wood-elves capture the dwarves and not Bilbo?

Bilbo slipped on the ring and was invisible.

What was the different reaction to Rivendell by Bilbo and the Dwarves?

Bilbo was enchanted by the opportunity to spend time with the elves. The Dwarves were suspicious of elves, always had been. the Dwarves were also mad at the Elves when they first entered Rivendell because the Elves were making fun of their beards.

Where does Frodo go at the end of 'The Lord of the Rings'?

Frodo goes on a boat with the elves and Bilbo to sail back to the Undying Lands, the elves' original home.He sailed over the sea to the Undying Lands, with Gandalf, Bilbo, and the last of the elves.

How long did Bilbo stay with the elves?

Until the end of The Return of the King, when he went to the Undying Lands with the elves and Frodo.

How did Bilbo keep from getting captured by the wood elves?

Bilbo kept from being captured by the Wood Elves in Mirkwood by using The Ring to turn himself invisible. He slipped in after the company of Elves that had captured the other members of The Company (namely, the twelve dwarves) as the Elves were escorting the dwarves into the Elven fortress.

Where do Bilbo and the others get captured by the elves?

Mirkwood, previously known as Greenwood.

What creatures does Bilbo Baggins encounter through Chapter 3?

Bilbo met the Dwarves in Chapter 1. He met Trolls in Chapter 2. He met the elves of Elrond's house in Chapter 3. These would have been mostly Noldorin elves, but Sindarin elves and Sylvan elves would have been present also.

Why must Bilbo continue to burgle the same place day after day?

The dwarves were captured and imprisoned by the elves in Mirkwood. Bilbo had to keep entering to form a plan and carry it out.

Why did Bilbo side with the elves in 'The Hobbit'?

Bilbo stood with the elves for two reasons. They had made their stand on Ravenhill and there was more of a chance of escape from that spot. And because if there was going to be a last stand he preferred to defend the Elvenking.

Why did Frodo and Bilbo go on the elves ship?

The elves were departing for the Undying Land, the destruction of the One Ring signalled the end of the age of magic and elves. As a reward for their bravery and as a way of healing the physical and mental scars caused by bearing the ring, Frodo and Bilbo were invited along.

Do elves eat hobbits?

No, elves do not eat hobbits. Orcs might eat hobbits, but not elves. When the dwarves and Bilbo have a reception at Lord Elrond's home, it is seen that the elves serve them a strictly vegetarian meal. Maybe an indication that Elves are herbivores

Why do the wood elves capture the dwarves and not Bilbo in ''The Hobbit'?

The wood elves capture the dwarves for trespassing in their lands without permission. They would have captured Bilbo too, if not for the fact that he was wearing a magical ring that made him invisible.

How does Bilbo know his sword was made by elves in The Hobbit?

Bilbo knows his sword was made by the Elves because Gandalf told him when he found it in the cave. Gandalf gave it to the Hobbit in case he ever needed to defend himself on his own.

Did Bilbo Baggins die?

No. Bilbo Baggins did not die; he, Frodo and the rest of the Ring-bearers went with the elves into the Undying-Lands. Undying = does not die.

What will happen to Bilbo and the dwarves in mirkwood?

The Dwarves will get captured by the giant spiders who plan to eat them, Bilbo rescues them, only for them to be captured again by the Elves.

What did Bilbo do with the Arkenstone?

Bilbo gave the Arkenstone to Bard so he could use it to stop a battle between the Elves, Men, and Dwarves. It did not work.

How long we're the dwarves captured by the wood elves?

the dwarves were captured by thorn and the wood elves long enough for bilbo to help them escape

What are some bad things that happened in The Hobbit?

Bilbo gets lost in the tunnel with Gollum, The dwarfs nearly get eaten by spiders and then they get captured by elves, and Bilbo nearly causes a war by giving the elves the dwarfs most prized possession.

Where was Bilbo placed in the war?

In the Battle of Five Armies he took his place on Ravenhill with the elves.

Why did Bilbo want to hear the elves opinion on their adventures?

so he knows what the is good about them and what is not good about them.

How do the elves in The Hobbit live?

Bilbo has two encounters with elves in his adventures. The first is at Rivendale, where Elrond lives. The second is in Mirkwood, the halls of the Elf King.

How does Bilbo help the Dwarves escape from the Wood Elves?

They escape in barrels sent downriver to be filled.

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