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How does Christianity affect a believer's life?


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It lets a believer understand the world he/she lives in and most importantly the joy of eternal life that God promised his followers. a) Christians continued to use Latin and Greek and, thus, assured the preservation of these languages while enriching them with new vocabulary and conceptual frameworks. b) Christian patronage put an end to the building bust of the third-century world and created a new and dynamic architecture. c) Christian art spread widely and found creative ways to reinterpret classical motifs and styles while adding new ones. d) Christian poets carried on the classical tradition. By assigning power to celibate men, Christianity created a new kind of society that also was a "democracy of sin." e) Christian martyrs and saints created a new kind of hero-figure. f) A new morality assured women a more secure place in society. g) Slowly but surely, Christian ethics pervaded secular law.